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  1. Almost 2 months later, any update of this?
  2. I have been waiting for an update too, I turned off my R2 5 weeks ago.
  3. First of all, thank you Fraser for your support. 1. ok, I'm going to create a spreadsheet to collect the IDs and IPs. 2. Let me know if you are able to download the last video: 3. Ok, I'm going to try, keep you updated. 4. It says something like: caught UP. 5. Ok, but other vendors offered this feature. 6. Ok, I'm going to try download it again. Thanks!
  4. Hi Fraser: I'm going to enumerate my issues: 1- See how I need to have the GeoFilter configured because your updates are not accurate (the little square is where is a lot of FL servers): Thank God the Matchmaking server of CoD does a great job and I always connect to servers between 55ms and 90ms because right now the GeoFilter is useless because you don't update geography speaking the servers correctly ( I have tested and I played with and without Netduma) and the feel is the same, I connect to the same servers (55-90ms). And this is the main feature of Netduma and you dont keep it update correctly. 2- I cannot trust 100% of ping assist because sometimes I connect to servers with 50-60ms (in game) but Netduma says the connection to that server is 80-90ms. 3- Wifi works awful. 4- I need to restart the R2 manually every Sunday because the GeoFilter map crash later if I don't reboot it. (it happened 4 times). 5- I cannot monitor the bandwidth per user or application usage per month because the SNMP or other protocol to monitor is disabled and I have been asking for the "Data History" Rapp for months but always the answer is the same: "we are working on this". 6- I cannot download the App in Android and is still in "Alpha" version. But you as company prefer to create Youtube videos and Giveaways than resolve the issues (updates more often) or keep the Geofilter updated. My plan is to play with the GeoFilter disabled and if I still keep getting servers between 55 and 90ms I'm going to shutdown the R2 and buy a router that I can monitor my BW per month. Cheers.
  5. I just updated: On pingheat map I'm still seeing the same: The servers are still "clustered" in Washington, if you see the servers with 45 and 52ms belongs to FL.
  6. 11 days later and I still see the server in the same position..
  7. Is there any news about new R2 firmware?
  8. Do you know if the game that you play has servers in the East of USA?
  9. Hi, All of those IDs belong to the West of the USA, which could be the reason for the latency: Wildriftserver4new= ff36e6b1d39ebcc1 = = ec2-54-193-158-177.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com Wildriftserver3new= 7f12a873af1e8b90 = = ec2-18-144-30-115.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com serverwildrift1= 96365823d335d6db = = ec2-54-219-53-0.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com serverwildriftingame= d1345823d1703035 = = ec2-52-53-112-35.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com wildriftserver2new = 4a364a15d3e9b2b7 = = ec2-54-183-233-21.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com Cheers!
  10. Hi Forum: I tried this config and my hit reg was awesome:
  11. Is still worth it to report the wrong server location using the Google form? Cheers!
  12. It happened again, if you see there is not any other server on the map. IMG_1992.MOV
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