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  1. First of all, thank you Fraser for your support. 1. ok, I'm going to create a spreadsheet to collect the IDs and IPs. 2. Let me know if you are able to download the last video: 3. Ok, I'm going to try, keep you updated. 4. It says something like: caught UP. 5. Ok, but other vendors offered this feature. 6. Ok, I'm going to try download it again. Thanks!
  2. Hi Fraser: I'm going to enumerate my issues: 1- See how I need to have the GeoFilter configured because your updates are not accurate (the little square is where is a lot of FL servers): Thank God the Matchmaking server of CoD does a great job and I always connect to servers between 55ms and 90ms because right now the GeoFilter is useless because you don't update geography speaking the servers correctly ( I have tested and I played with and without Netduma) and the feel is the same, I connect to the same servers (55-90ms). And this is the main feature of Netduma and you dont keep it update correctly. 2- I cannot trust 100% of ping assist because sometimes I connect to servers with 50-60ms (in game) but Netduma says the connection to that server is 80-90ms. 3- Wifi works awful. 4- I need to restart the R2 manually every Sunday because the GeoFilter map crash later if I don't reboot it. (it happened 4 times). 5- I cannot monitor the bandwidth per user or application usage per month because the SNMP or other protocol to monitor is disabled and I have been asking for the "Data History" Rapp for months but always the answer is the same: "we are working on this". 6- I cannot download the App in Android and is still in "Alpha" version. But you as company prefer to create Youtube videos and Giveaways than resolve the issues (updates more often) or keep the Geofilter updated. My plan is to play with the GeoFilter disabled and if I still keep getting servers between 55 and 90ms I'm going to shutdown the R2 and buy a router that I can monitor my BW per month. Cheers.
  3. I just updated: On pingheat map I'm still seeing the same: The servers are still "clustered" in Washington, if you see the servers with 45 and 52ms belongs to FL.
  4. 11 days later and I still see the server in the same position..
  5. Is there any news about new R2 firmware?
  6. Do you know if the game that you play has servers in the East of USA?
  7. Hi, All of those IDs belong to the West of the USA, which could be the reason for the latency: Wildriftserver4new= ff36e6b1d39ebcc1 = = ec2-54-193-158-177.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com Wildriftserver3new= 7f12a873af1e8b90 = = ec2-18-144-30-115.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com serverwildrift1= 96365823d335d6db = = ec2-54-219-53-0.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com serverwildriftingame= d1345823d1703035 = = ec2-52-53-112-35.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com wildriftserver2new = 4a364a15d3e9b2b7 = = ec2-54-183-233-21.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com Cheers!
  8. Hi Forum: I tried this config and my hit reg was awesome:
  9. Is still worth it to report the wrong server location using the Google form? Cheers!
  10. It happened again, if you see there is not any other server on the map. IMG_1992.MOV
  11. Hi forum, I am from Costa Rica and my best ping to Warzone servers is 55-65ms, I was using only the "ping assist" feature, setting it to 65ms and sometimes it takes me so long time to find a server/lobby because the ping on Netduma bounces from 44ms to 70ms (the same server) although my connection is very stable (Optic fiber), please take a look the image attached to Google DNS server: Today I noticed that you updated the "ping heatmap" database, so for this reason, I tried to use the polygon and I enclose the state of Florida and Washington (because this is where is the Matchmaking server with 44ms - 55ms) take a look the ping heatmap image: And please take a look at the video attached, Netduma says that the ping to that server is 81ms but the ping on the game is 55ms - 65ms, could you explain why? This kind of behavior kills the "ping assist" feature in my case it would be perfect because regardless of where it is located the server, my priority is the "latency". It would be nice that we have the option to "move" "relocate" geographically speaking the best servers of our favorite game (in my case Warzone) and don't depend on updates because I know it's hard to ubicate all the servers correctly for example if you see there are a lot of servers in Washington and for sure the is located in FL. As always, thank you for your help. IMG_1986.MOV
  12. Please take a look this example: Right now I'm using QoS to rate-limit the traffic to 60mbps for download and 10mbps for upload and I set a couple of rules of traffic prioritization for the "Microsoft teams" and please notice the CPU, the average utilization is 35-40%: And please check the temperature, right now is at 49.2 C degrees and is still incrementing and I started download and upload traffic at 11:21am when the temperature was in 47.8 For this reason, is important to keep the R2 in a place fresher if you want to use the QoS. Wednesday and Thursday I did not stress the QoS and the higher temperature was 48 C degrees: Cheers. Kenneth R
  13. I agree with Fraser, from software perspective the QoS works great but the CPU works more and this means the temperature grows, it is important to keep the R2 fresher if you want to have the QoS enabled.
  14. Hi Fraser, What happens if I only use "ping assist" and my "geo-filter" is outdated, is the game capable of finding new lobbies or depends on 100% of Netduma's database? I dont know if you follow my question. Thanks!
  15. If you want, I can be a beta tester hahaha.
  16. After a week of monitor the R2 temperature from the "outside" this is how looks, If there is a difference of 4 C degrees when the R2 is "standby" and when is "stressed" from outside I cannot imagine how many C degrees is on the CPU inside.
  17. My R2 has been stabled for the last 10 days, and this is my setup: I play Warzone on PS5, QoS "always" enabled (download and upload set as 70%), Adblocker ON using only a URL adblock list, Benchmark off, DMZ configured on my ISP modem, static IP on the WAN, 168 hours DHCP configured, ping heatmap scheduled every 2hrs. Where I live the average temperature is 23-27 Celsius, when I started seeing the R2 freezes I tried to found a pattern and I discover that it was when the QoS was enabled and I was uploading traffic but the issue it not started immediately, it happened after 1 or 2hours of upload traffic and when I went to reset doing the power-cycle the R2 was pretty hot so for the reason I focused on the temperature and since I took actions on that my R2 has been stabled for the last 10 days.
  18. Try to cold it down by installing it in another place fresher or install it a fan temporarily, I have been doing tests and it looks the issue is related to high temperature.
  19. Any announcement?
  20. Hi Fraser, Since I flipped the router (see the image attached) to install my "Sensor push" to "monitor" the temperature I have tried everything to brick the R2 again with no luck, but I noticed when the QoS is ON and I'm uploading traffic the temperature increase very very fast so I suspect that when R2 was stuck before it was related to high temperatures In fact, I think this post is related to high-temperature issues (and others that I have read that it stops randomly and they lost all connectivity of R2): This weekend I'm going to normalize the R2 position to see if I can brick it when the temperature grows without the correct airflow that it has now. Keep you posted.
  21. Hey Fraser what is the operating temperature range (min/max) of R2 routers?
  22. Hi Forum, The past weekend I enable the QoS but just with the "auto-enabled" option and now I found the way to monitor the temperature, so far the R2 has remained stable. This Weekend I'm going to enable the QoS and I'm going to monitor the temperature to know if the "freeze" issue is related to the temperature. I will keep you posted.
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