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  1. Hi Fraser, I see what you mean if nothing else is on the network and I'm only sending 70kbps upload and receiving around 300kbps download whilst playing the game then I shouldn't get anywhere near the loaded latency. I've got the XR500 in the SKY DMZ, Looking on the SKY interface and support forums I don't believe I can set the Sky Router SR204 to AP or bridge. In theory, If the PS5 was the only device on the sky router and in the DMZ, When I play warzone with a ping of 4ms to the game servers, it should play without any issues or is that wishful thinking.
  2. Hi Fraser, My gaming experience is really poor on PS5 and warzone/cold war. I've tried others to prove a point and Fortnight & Destiny have the same poor experience. I wonder if the reason I get a poor gaming experience is the gap between upload loaded and download loaded latency (10ms vs 40ms) . It would be interesting to understand, how the matchmaking and lag compensation algorithms figure it all out. When I enter matchmaking I wonder which ping rate they use, 4ms, 10ms or 40ms and what is lag comp is being applied if join based on 4ms and my loaded latency is 40ms Generally most games I play in are around the 30-40ms range and even when I force them to the dedicated London servers at 4ms I still have a ping of 40ms in game. (Game processing obviously adds on a bit) The only thing I've found to give a bit of consistency to game play is to VPN to Denmark via HMA and geo filter to play on the UK dedicated server. My guess is that I'm playing closer to the 40ms ping without any lag comp from 4ms or 10ms. I've done some testing on my mac with wired connection, I'm using ping plotter to track and I see that same pattern, 4ms to bbc.co.uk 10ms if I start to download something 40ms if I start to upload something I can replicate this on both the XR500 and my Sky router. Ultimately as the Sky router does not offer any QOS the buffer bloat issue probably lies with them or Openreach. I wonder how may less tickets you guys would get if the OEM ISP routers had QOS ;) Unfortunately Sky have tested the line, there are no faults and I can't take it any further. Ultimately they do not guarantee upload performance in your contract.
  3. Hi @Netduma Liam The rising download on the graph was happening at 70/70 but it made no difference when I turned of congestion control it was still spiking. The spiking has stop now and the graph is behaving like it was. However when I turn on congestion control to Always and adjust the sliders, I see no difference in the ping results. I've tried balanced 70/70, 50/50, 30/30 Then tried mixing it 70/30, 30/70 etc. Ping is 5 ms Download latency under load is 10ms Upload latency is under load 40ms Seems very odd that it's 4 times as much on upload. I'm assuming the Sky Router or ISP may be the issue.
  4. Thanks Liam, no problem. I'm now seeing some strange results with the connection test where the ping just creeps up as the test goes on. It was fine until I changed my congestion to always on, I've tried auto and never, reset the router through the software and hard power off. I've been unable to recreate my first screenshot where the download was around 20 and upload was 40, any thoughts to why ?
  5. Brilliant thanks Liam. Out of curiosity what do you get with the fast.com speed test on your main ISP router for loaded ping. After you run your first test you can click setting to measure loaded latency during upload Is your loaded ping much worse without the netduma ?
  6. Would you be able to share a screenshot so that I have something to aim for. I know the values will be different. It's just for an indication.
  7. Thanks Liam I thought that might be the case with the speed test. Yes all devices are on the XR500. I was just wondering what sort of results other people get. Are the upload and download under load ping times similiar?
  8. Qos settings Congestion control - auto enabled Goodput selected 140Mb Down - 20Mb Up - Sliders set to 70% Traffic Prio = Duma classified games - All devices
  9. Rather bizarrely with QOS always on the under load ping for download just climbs for the duration of the test. I tried this 3 times then set the congestion control to never, rebooted the router and still the download graph climbs. Also the QOS setting doesn't seem to affect the download and upload speed graph, it still show 100% not 70% which the sliders are set to. Perhaps by design.
  10. Hi I was just wondering if my ping under load was high in comparison to what others get. A jump of 4ms to 40ms does seem a large jump especially when download under load is 14ms Can anyone offer any insight please or ways to try and reduce the ping under load or is this only something the ISP can resolve. I also see similar results in the fast speed test when connected to the sky box
  11. Hi I've setup my Hybrid VPN using UDP and can connect to the call of duty servers and play games no problem. I'm trying to prove to my ISP that there is some UDP packet loss and was wondering if using a TCP connection through the VPN may force the game onto TCP. I'm assuming this is not possible, when I connect to HMA TCP locations, Warzone wont even connect to online services. The Hybrid VPN basic settings do not work for HMA TCP it hangs on connecting. In the logs I see Thu Jul 8 18:20:46 2021 WARNING: --ns-cert-type is DEPRECATED. Use --remote-cert-tls instead. I have to manually add the HMA TCP openvpn settings in the advanced section for it to connect. Can you give me some insight into the following. 1) Is it possible to play COD games via a TCP VPN ? 2 ) Do you know if the ping for in game monitors or the cold war datacentres are ICMP, TCP or UDP. As the game generally plays on 3074 UDP, Generally UDP is fire and forget with no real retransmission of packets. So hard to show packet loss. 3) Do my Tick rates & send/receive rate seem normal ?? Warzone tick rates for plunder fluctuate in game - Host - (22 - 37) Client - (60 - 90)
  12. Hi, can someone explain what I'm seeing here in the screen shots with 2 servers on the map I'm playing a game of Warzone and I can see 2 servers on the Geo filter. Auto ping host is enabled I'm in a PS5 Party chat Geo Filtering mode is off. The server in the US is ec2-44-225-13-2.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com (this disappeared when I left party chat). Maybe that's a feature that I didn't see when I had the XR300. Strange that PS5 party chat would be using and AWS US-West2 Availability Zone when everyone in the chat was based in the UK. The server in France has a few issues. The Auto ping window does not show the ping value, Ping, the host and client tick rates do not track in the graph
  13. @Netduma Liam I've got the Geo filter in spectate mode when running the tests. I'm assuming that correct as the US servers return a ping.
  14. Thanks Fraser, always a prompt response. Do you have any idea why there are so many failures? I'm assuming it's elastic servers with cloud providers and the IP addresses change frequently. Successful: 11Failed: 36
  15. Hi All, Just picked up a XR500 and looking at the OS3 Beta after previously having an XR300 Does anyone know why it shows no UK Warzone servers and why so many failed on the heatmap. I get the same for Cold War and Modern Warfare Successful: 11 Failed: 36 I'm on sky broadband and the default settings on their router, simply connected the LAN port.
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