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  1. Please explain what’s the best combination for PS4 or ps5. I know what these mean but what is optimal / efficient
  2. I’ve owned an R2 and that thing was beast when it came to QoS. The traffic prio was buggy but at least it worked on reducing congestion. The xr doesn’t work or something. And that third processor for dpi is either horrible for PS4 or just horrible in general. I’m hoping it’s the first one and ps5 will be better cause it’s newer tech
  3. I don’t think Qos works properly on the xr1000. I say this becuase other features don’t work properly either. I use congestion control and I check dsl reports also with connection benchmark and it’s the same high upload ping spikes. Also, the reset button on the back doesn’t work unless I factory reset and it only works the first time then stops working. QoS is definitely bugged cause I get 3k bandwidth on cod even though no one is using the internet. I have 500/900
  4. What the benefits of a managed switch? Just need it for my ps4/ps5. Also what r the cons? Which one do you use?
  5. Idk ab you guys but It feels better to me to have traffic prio off when playing Bo4 idk if the xr1000 just doesn’t have good traffic prio but everything I tried has been horrible, on my R2 awhile ago, I used udp 1-65535 SC&DT tried it on my xr1000 and I can’t kill anything. Feels better with nothing on... why is that? xr1000? Stronger processor so no need qos ?
  6. It is still pretty slow. Seems to need a reboot every 10 hrs cause of how slow it gets
  7. If I want the closest thing to direct connection to my ONT... would the R2 or XR1000 be the best?
  8. Yes I tried all of that. And yes I did. I’m sending it back for a refund to get the XR1000. But I’m stuck in the middle. Hear me out. R2 WiFi is ok but not good for my household. The PS4 wired play was AMAZING when traffic prio worked correctly. XR1000 Great WiFi and I’m assuming it’s just better in general for my household. what advantages does the R2 have over the Xr1000/ nighthawk series? I remember @Netduma Alexsaying the R2 was built with virtually zero bloat. Is this the same as as the nighthawk series? Becuase I do have a XR300 that sort of ... sucks... but just wondering what the actual advantages are
  9. None of it worked. The reason had a spinning circle is because I had it on that previously before I attempted the reset
  10. Ok not sure what to do now. Emailed and admins haven’t responded back yet.. I want to send it back asap
  11. Wired. Here’s what I think is happening. I had WiFi disabled bc I used my xr300 in AP mode. While I was attempting the factory reset ( my comp died), not entirely clearing my setting which is why the WiFi lights don’t come on after a reset also, I only getting the spinning page on not .77.1
  12. @Netduma Alexi emailed the team as well
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