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  1. Ps5 encrypts packets differently ; I think duma team is looking into it. Use games console for now... it’s the best your gunna get
  2. I think it does help. my ping to data centers in cod have been better. (Connection quality in the menu) on the 100. IP I ping around 13 ms to the first data center On the 75 IP I ping 17ms
  3. The 100.x.xxx.xxx IP is exactly where I’m located the 75.x.xxx.xxx is about 20-30 miles from me
  4. So VZ hands 2 different IPs which vary I’ve seen. 75.x.xxx and 100.x.xxx The 100, I believe is closer to my location via geo ip (Pings 12-15 to google, but 15-17 to Verizon) 75 is a little farther away (pings 12-13 to Verizon but 17-20 to google) Which one would be better? ofc I’ll test it but on paper what’s better? To my ISP right? But it has a farther location according to geo-ip
  5. Verizon hands out a new IP every 2-3 hours. Some IPs change the location hence changing the ms to Google or even the ISP itself. Correct me if I’m wrong, ideally you want a IP that’s the closest to your ISP? or closest to Google?
  6. Let me know what you guys think? Will it hurt my gaming xp?
  7. Tbh ps5 encrypts packets differently and I don’t think port ranges r gunna cut it anymore tbh. id try games console service if I were u, don’t port forward or dmz use buffer to very slightly hinder connection
  8. I wish the upper devs could give more insight other companies r starting to catch on and just implement newer features for any nerds duma still using codel for the past decade
  9. Very true! Pull through duma ; give the nerds some love😂😂😂
  10. I messaged NG while they were doing the live stream today on YT. I asked them ab future QoS algos with the xr1000. They actually said, it’s up to Duma team. If they can push out optional QoS algos for people to beta test then they can implement it if they wanted to! NG are on board with duma trying things w the xr1000! Apply to wan was good step wether you use it or not ; it shows duma at least is trying to upgrade. can this be done duma? I know @Newfie is pushing for this as well! thoughts anyone?
  11. The plotter is stable on 700mbps and 500mbps. however the higher mbps fees off game wise. Does that make sense? I’m trying to fine tune
  12. Yea my ping is stable but I feel more can be done in regards to UL and DL latency?
  13. How can I optimize my DL and UL latency? ping plotter won’t tell me that, it only shows ping under load.... the CB isn’t fully accurate either... any solutions?
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