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  1. I just hit apply and the router rebooted
  2. Do you even need to use Traffic Prioritization if uPnP is opening the port for warzone? seems pointless to have both open at the same time. I just notice the speed test in connection benchmark is showing full speeds now after the update. I remember it would always give random upload and download speeds before the update.
  3. I did select gaming/voice and I'm on a LAN not wifi. So it's better to apply to WAN when setting that up? I never knew that always selected gaming/voice and that was it. what's the difference? Also I think my problem was I had a Address Reservation for a old LAN saved and I DELETED it and everything came back on. So it's just a bug with the UPnP Where it wont turn off or on?
  4. I notice traffic prioritization using games console and my LAN is not working anymore on my PC when playing Warzone. I just played for a hour and only 20 prioritized download and 30 prioritized upload, Pretty sure that should be a lot higher if I'm correct. I notice In the UPnP settings in DUMAOS it's not turned on anymore and when you try and turn it back on it won't stick after applying the settings
  5. should you always do a factory reset after a firmware update? I'm using IP passthrough so would I need to reset the modem as well and enable IP passthrough again or just reset the XR1000 and leave the modem alone?
  6. is it normal to have received packets that much higher then transmitted?
  7. No you guys helped for sure. I'm just fine tuning the network now. Just want a solid connection for everything in the house. Everything is good just tweaking around with settings and making notes on what works the best.
  8. Will TCPOptimizer conflict with the XR1000? Using it only for my main computer connected to the LAN. It's throttling my speeds to 150-300mbps just on the LAN but the results during testing seem better with this config. When I turn it back to stock with TCPoptimizer config off I start noticing bufferbloat. Wish I could just fix this issue with dumaOS alone but it seems this method is helping for now.
  9. Well that's good to know. It's looking better now I would say
  10. Could it be possible most of the Unprioritized packets might be caused by the wifi and not my computer that's connected to the LAN? Besides my gaming experience being great and zero issues on bufferbloat as of now why am I still getting 0.2858559841850843 of packet loss in network status? I'm getting A+ A+ A+ on dslreports and waveform bufferbloat test. Just seems odd
  11. I think all this research and help from you guys is paying off. I've never seen results this good. I'm getting zero bufferbloat on all test besides the connection benchmark with DumaOS
  12. I switched to Intel Lan instead of the Realtek on my motherboard. Look at these results! 0.00003924143972320502 packet loss
  13. Does this look any better under network status? I just played coldwar and always have some type of stutter or lag. I played 6 games with not one Issue. I think doing that games console rule smoothed it out really good. keeping my sliders at 100% seems to run smoother as well. top picture .13 packet loss middle .17 packet loss bottom one is right after I restart my router and login. That's 2.4 packet loss is that correct? and if so is that high packet loss for gaming?
  14. That's strange it's showing 3 pictures on my side. I will run it for a little longer and see if the results change. Do I need to change my PC to games console in device manager for the rule to work in QoS? packet loss looks kind of better in network status. it's 0.17840489384324332 now
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