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  1. I had one more question, When I log into dumaOS on my web browser I can login with 2 different IP's and the WAN IP Is this normal? I have my ISP modem in IP passthrough mode. Just making sure I don't have double NAT, also how could I check for double nat?
  2. Seems like it runs better when I lower the congestion controls to 25% Download, Still getting random speeds but the other test look really good. Also, under bandwidth allocation should I raise my applications percentage for gaming or just raise my gaming computer under devices? Right now I just have my main computer at 30% and everything else is 8%
  3. My QoS settings and most recent connection benchmark from today.
  4. These pictures look better? strange how when it reports low download and upload the under load test comes out with better results, is that normal or it's just because it's reporting my speeds wrong?
  5. It’s just strange because for the past 5 months it’s been reporting the right speeds and now it’s showing super low speeds. Sorry about the pictures. They came out kinda fuzzy because of monitor
  6. Go to LAN under setup in settings and add the computer or console IP address, that opens Nat right away for me. good luck!
  7. I’m having issues with the connection benchmark. It keeps showing super low speed test then the next test will have higher speeds. The thing is when I test on Speedtest.net I always get around 900+ every time on upload/download. also should I be running QOS on or off with Gig speeds? I have flow control turned off when using QOS as people have told me to do this only when using QOS I have At&T Fiber, 1000 up and down. I’m using IP pass through mode: DHCPS dynamic and have WiFi and firewall, packet filters OFF on the BGW210-700 modem. I hope I’m not double nat because it did change my IP to when I installed the router. Wish I could just use my own modem but that’s how these greedy internet providers roll.
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