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  1. A lot of Italian dedis are mislocated , 855ecc and c26ecc placed in north america and 855 aren t registered as dedis.. (Black ops 4)
  2. You could group all dedicated servers divided for region , and selected where you could connected..
  3. Estimated total number of players on PlayStation 4 for each Call of Duty title since 2013 Font Charlieintel.com
  4. Macabi pingplotter graph not showing Ping spikes.. That s it a good graph
  5. I don t undestand.. if set Dwn 512 and Up 256 dslreport said me bufferbloat F , pingplotter a stable line..
  6. Which is the best software to analize bufferloat?? pingplotter or..
  7. Its a game side.. The new netcode is terrible , hit detection is terrible.. This game is unplayable..
  8. Today i played ww2.. Insane hit detection!!
  9. Mitja i read that you saw an Italian Dedis in Africa.. Where are they??
  10. For me (xbox one x ) no issue in "Searching Match" , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 ms in Italian dedis.. But this game for me is unplayable , hit marker terrible , shot first die first.. I think this is the worst cod that i played
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