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  1. Same thing Mobel , the only thing that you MUST understsnd is that the servers works at 60 hz , without any doubt , BUT , probably DMC found a way to stabilize the connection!
  2. Probably is a right settings but.. One thing is stabilize your router , another is said that all COD servers works at 120 hz. It s not my opinion, it s a real fact that all call of duty servers works at 60 hz.. The only one that works at 120 is CSGO. It s an reading error from xr500 and R1 , but in that way you could stabilize your connection.
  3. As Bert said you can t upgrade to 120 hz if a servers work on a 60! i always said that is an error but this evening i ll try this way!
  4. Hi DMC , are your PS4 connected in wifi mode?? In XR500 with 0.40 I tried this settings : only 2 devices connected , my laptop in 2.4 wifi and xbox one x with cat 8. Could you write your wifi settings??
  5. After a lot of testing could confirm that is a system bug or a misreading hz. Only when connect xr500 to xbox one x with a cat 7 there is a fluctuation from 60 to 120 , but if i reconnecto a cat 8 return stable to 60 hz. ( Firmware 0.40 fix ) If a dedis run 60 hz you could receive 60 hz , nothing to say , you can t reach 120 hz , technically impossible. In 0.56 you could connect every type of ethernet cat , it reach 60/64 hz. Sorry for my bad english language.
  6. Hi DMC , i understand your technical point of view but there are 2 reason for 120 hz : 1) System Bug or 2) They are testing 120 hz in some servers. This because ALL COD SERVERS without any question run at 64 hz. I tested with DUMA OS and Wireshark. No doubt for 64 hz my friend specially in BO3 and WW2! This evening i ll try to unplugged Pc from Xr500 , and connect DumaOS in wifi Mode , all my device are plugged with cat 8 , but i m sure , all COD server run at 64 hz , without any doubt , probably your setting stabilized tickrate but i think 120 hz that are you showing its a DumaOS bug.
  7. There s no difference, only a pick to 120 hz .. But its not stable.. In my opinion the only think that i analized is the lower rate in client vs host tick rate.. 64 vs 62.. Cod dedicated servers are all 64/65 hz and it s impossible that run at 120 hz stable! Try to analize how to improve client side is the best way!!
  8. Thank you Alex , this evening i ll download .40 to see if client tickrate is setting to 120 hz and i ll posted a photo..
  9. I undestand , but , Why in .40 show 120 and in .56 show 65?? this is DMC photo , could you explain why 120?? Is a bug??
  10. Recently i ve read that a different firmware version , in this case the .40 , could stabilize client side tickrate to 120 Hz. Could be possible? This could be a great solution to hit detection..
  11. I m confused, you said that with .40 client side reach 120 hz.. Is it possible with server side set to 64 ?? Alex and Fraser could be possible?? Is possible stabilize client tickrate to 120 hz? And how it s possible??
  12. Alex i don t understand a thing.. " still allow us to stabilize XR500 to handle stable +120 Tickrate " Its different from .56 in tickrate??
  13. Hi DMC , .40 that you linked is an official firmware??
  14. For me its the same KP! And with 6 ms i ve ghost bullet! The problem is trash server! I m using Ping plotter to analize the hops and the variable Ping during test.. try to use pingplotter!!
  15. This router can t change your connection , it stabilized your ping during congestion or could connect in a nearest dedicated servers , thats all for COD. Nothing of magic.. In a recent call of duty games there 's a problem called Lag comp that ruin the gaming experience.. I ve 1 gb/s and 6/7 ms in Italian dedis and my hit detection aren 't so clear.. This Router for me is fantastic , the problem is the netcode..
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