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  1. Couldn't agree more fellas, SBMM and outdated/crappy netcode (lag compensation) are still very real and the downsides of the CoD series as a whole, not to mention the hackers and force crossplay but like everything in life there are things in your control and things that are not. I have kept a steady 1.4 k/d in warzone since I started playing in season 2, with a gigabit connection and a R7000 router flashed with ddwrt. I noticed a difference in my gameplay when i started using the XR500, but it still wasn't perfect. Geofilter and the newer more sophisticated traffic priorization abilities of the netduma side of the router are a godsend, but the networking aspect is only part of the equation. I didn't take into account input lag, and after doing some research I definitely had a lot of it. The input lag from using an outdated hdmi cable and a large outdated tv, as well as using the ps4 controller wirelessly, I probably had upwards of 100-200ms of lag from the controller to the console to the tv. Just wanted to share my findings with the community, and to possibly help others enjoy their gaming experiences more. Obviously, it's not the be-all end-all solution for fixing everything CoD related, but it definitely helps.
  2. Yeah, I figured bigger screen would be easier to see enemies and such, but the quality is so terrible comparatively it actually makes it harder to spot targets and movement. @Alex49H I bought this one; https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/B07S1CGQ9Z?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  3. I have been battling lag on CoD for many years and have been doing networking research and messing with my internet connection forever, recently switching to a fiber optic connection and purchasing an XR500 gaming router. After getting my connection to rock solid, lag jitter and bufferbloat free (with the help of the netduma support staff and this amazing community), I was still finding my games to be hit and miss. I would get 20+ kills one or two games, then have a handful of really awful rounds... very sporadic and frustrating. That is until I looked more into Input Lag and found that most of my lag now was actually input lag and not my network connection. I was using an older 60" lcd tv to play and played with the controllers wirelessly. I followed the advice of some youtubers and bought myself a new gaming monitor (120hz and 1ms response time) and a better hdmi cable, ditching the old lcd tv I was using to play, as well as hooking my controller up to usb and setting the appropriate settings on the ps4 and monitor. The difference is ASTOUNDING and I feel kind of dumb for not realizing just how much input lag I was battling with, assuming this whole time my internet connection was to blame. The fiber connection and XR500 brought my ping down from an average of 100-110ms down to 30ms, but using my old tv and wireless controller was producing probably just as much lag on my end that appears as network lag (players getting the drop on you, firing first and dieing, etc). Not only is the quality of the graphics better and motion is more fluid, but the responsiveness in the game is incredible. With the average 30ms of ping I get to CoD servers and the immediate responsiveness of the input, I feel like all of my deaths are legitimate and can actually chaulk them up to facing better players, making mistakes, or just crap luck. I highly recommend watching this video; Hope this helps others out and they can enjoy the same experience I am now having playing this game... GAME ON!
  4. TLDR; MAKE SURE ALL YOUR DEVICES HAVE WIFI TURNED OFF AND USE A WIRED PC WITH IPV6 TURNED OFF WHILE SETTING UP YOUR ROUTER AFTER A FACTORY RESET AND/OR A FIRMWARE UPGRADE. - TESTED AND WORKS WITH DUMA 3.0 OPEN BETA I believe I may have discovered the cause of the issues I was having with QoS not working properly and the various bugs I was getting with Traffic Priority. I had no issues with the router when I first bought it and installed it, everything worked as advertised. Then, after a new firmware update, I was having issues with QoS not working with IPv6 and other random issues. I tried the Beta 3.0, and had the same issues. Tried factory resets and all kinds of stuff but nothing worked. I had an epiphany while looking at my device manager after a fresh factory reset. I noticed that because I had set the wifi name and password to what it was before, all wireless devices connected to the router as soon as it rebooted with the new credentials. This meant that the two phones in the house were trying to establish IPv6 addresses before the IPv6 was set up, which seems to throw the router for a loop, causing all kinds of issues and log entries. I then did a factory reset and changed the name of the wireless network to something arbitrary, set up the router with native IPv6 and all the QoS settings, and voila! No errors, everything is working as intended again. Reconnected the phones and other wireless devices and everything is good. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Admin Please pass this information to the devs.
  5. 😕🙃...🤤 @Newfie Gee golly, thanks, never would have found that without your help... And allow me to help you with further social interactions... do initiate conversation with someone assuming they are stupid, incapable, or inept. Do not accuse someone of not knowing something without being educated about it yourself. Do not offer advice or help when it is not explicitly asked for. And lastly, know when to keep quiet and walk away. <--- this one should have been obvious from my first response to your "helpful" reply to my original Request post. Oh and I'm done responding to this thread now, go and troll someone else's thread so it gets buried. 👍
  6. @Killhippie You're right, it's not "Dynamic QoS" as the term is used by netgear to refer to all of their QoS settings as a whole, but it is part of it. I did say Dynamic Prioritization at the end of the post, which is a more accurate term for the process. It scans the ports and creates a new rule as needed, and deletes the rule when your match is over... so it's a Dynamic QoS. If you follow my thought process. Also, Duma 3.0 is around the corner but not here yet. But to be honest, everyone speaks of it like it's the holy grail of firmware updates and it's going to solve all the issues everyone is having with their routers. I have my doubts. And will this specific feature be included in the new firmware? Probably not. Hence why I posted this on the Feature Ideas thread. 😉 @Newfie Not everyone needs this feature, and if you don't I'm so ecstatically happy for you... Not everyone needs QoS at all, and those people don't need to buy a $300 gaming router. Get over yourself. No two internet connections are the same, therefor it isn't simply a matter of "well it works for him so it should work for you, you're probably just doing it wrong." I have posted on this forum before (a simple look at my user account will show this), I'm not new to networking, and I'm only seeking to actually help this community and help make DumaOS better. Not sure what you're here for.
  7. I don't understand your comment, because that is exactly what Caddy does... it dynamically adds and removes QoS rules as you're playing and switching lobbies/servers. I have downloaded and am currently using it, so i can attest it works and is not a security concern. Any computer on your network can access the Duma router and modify it, and the caddy program doesn't communicate with anything outside of the LAN. Within an hour of turning on my game with Classified Games enabled there are hundreds of thousands of packets that are designated as high priority. Turning off Classified Games and enabling the caddy ensuring that only vital gameplay packets are prioritized, which is about 10k-20k packets in that same hour. And there have been no issues with loading game content or communications to stat/authentication servers since turning off Classified Games Not trying to argue with you Fraser, but I've been playing a lot of CoD and testing everything under the sun to help my gameplay and lag compensation issues. This method works the best for me, and now my only issues are latency, which has more to do with me being 2000km away from any of the Warzone servers.
  8. Not sure if this has been discussed before, but I recently read that Call of Duty Warzone uses random ports from their game servers for gameplay packets. The other ports/connections are to the authorization/stats/matchmaking servers and are not essential gameplay packets. After setting up wireshark on my pc and using it to hotspot my ps4, I determined this to be true and the reason why so many of us are having issues with this game. High priority packets shouldn't be detected while sitting idle in the game menu/lobby, yet they are when using the proprietary DumaOS Classified Games option. A user on the forums, @RedBull2k, has created a standalone windows program for DumaOS routers he calls Caddy, that basically sniffs the network to determine which ports the Warzone server you're connected to is using, then adds a QoS rule to the router to allow those packets to be placed as High Priority. I believe this type of Dynamic Prioritization is exactly what DumaOS needs, and this user needs to be compensated for such a brilliant innovation and maybe brought onto the team... 😉 It would also be very beneficial to have the Network Monitor upgraded with more information, such as being able to view all of the actual connections to the router, like the ip addresses and ports currently in use, being able to see an individual device's connections, filtering out UDP and such. Like wireshark but running on the router itself. TLDR; Dynamic QoS that sniffs out connections to actual game servers and packets that are solely gameplay related. Network Monitor that displays active connections and is sortable and filterable.
  9. Works flawlessly! I even disabled DumaOs Games and it's still detected as High Priority! Nice work mate, you need to set up a donation page or something if you plan on continuing support for this. And Duma devs should pay you to implement this feature into their OS...
  10. Ok, perfect, thanks for the reply mate. I'm going to try it out tonight and see how she goes.
  11. @RedBull2k In order to get it working, I assume I need to proxy my PS4 through my pc running the app in order for it to pick up on the ports being used? @MassaDebata85 You're right, there is very little info about what this program does on this thread. I believe, after reading through the forum, it picks up on the exact ports used by Call of Duty and prioritizes them on the router QoS (and a couple other features like saving and loading Allow/Deny lists). Somebody on the forums figured out that CoD uses a random port for each server connection (port 3074 on your PS4 and a random port from 30000-45000 from the server). This program should eliminate the need to use wireshark to figure out the ports and manually add the ports every game.
  12. Yessir, I signed up for the Beta a week or two ago when I was having issues. Hoping to get a response soon to see if I get in, but I know there are tons of people ahead of me.
  13. Oh sorry, forgot to add the screenshot of the speedtest with IPv6 disabled. My download and upload speeds are set to 15mbps in the qos now.
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