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  1. Using a tp-link switch (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000N99BBC?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share) I first boot up with the ONT connected to the att gateway through the switch, using only brand new cat 8 cables (Monoprice Cat 8 2GHz, 40G, 24AWG, S/FTP), wait for it to establish connection, I then unplug the gateway and plug the same Cat 8 cable to the XR500. On the XR500 the settings I adjusted: Changed the Mac address to match the disconnected att gateway to complete the dumb switch bypass Changed NAT from secure to open and disabled SIP ALG Added the Xbox to the geo filter Disabled all QOS and disabled good throughput Set Xbox to a static IP Changed DNS from automatic to Google DNS Confirmed disabled ipv6 Plugging XR500 directly to wall outlet From there, I have another cat 8 cable running the the Xbox, along with indoor micro cell site. There are 18 wireless devices connected, mostly on 2.4 GHz, only 5 GHz items are 2 smart TVs. No other settings have been adjusted Once it starts crashing I can't access the router so I can't see any logs or errors and the logs don't save after it reboots unfortunately. The one time I've seen the log right before it completely crashed was a bunch of ip marked logs. I can make a backup of my current configuration and attach it to confirm if needed. But it doesn't lose power when it begins the crash and reboot. It takes about 3 minutes with no internet access or available connection Before it reboots itself. I know for a fact it is nothing with the switch, due to the factor that if the switch loses power at any time, I have to repeat the process of connecting the att gateway prior to any internet access. I am certain at this point, this is directly related to something with the router, as I have replaced every piece, router cables, power supply/cable.
  2. Since yesterday, my brand new XR500 connected to the wall outlet, with brand new power cable, connected to u-verse dumb switch method, has rebooted twice on its own. Internet/wifi die out, then after about 2-3 minutes the router reboots itself. Using static wan, lease time is set to one hour. Should I go ahead and exchange this one?
  3. I have already purchased a replacement, got it for a great price, and still have the old sitting in the box. I would be happy to mail it to the office address and let y'all tinker with it whenever, there isn't a huge rush. Figured it would be better to have it be used for research at some point, then to sit on my shelf or get thrown awau
  4. @Netduma Fraser is it possible for me to send my router to y'all and to have you guys check to see if you experience the same rebooting issue that seems to be appearing more and more with the XR500? I'd be more than happy to pay for any shipping cost if necessary, but there's seem to be more post regarding this issue and I have mine collecting dust at the moment.
  5. I figured I sign up again, I think it's my third time now but it can't hurt?
  6. If your router is rebooting on its own, file for a replacement. Happened to mine and quite a few others, I attempted to plug in my old xr500 on Sunday and it rebooted 4 times within 5 hours. I factory reset, reinstalled early Firmware latest firmware, nothing resolved it. Unfortunately for mine it factory resets if it Powers off now.
  7. if your using the 5268, I do have a couple of recommendations, if interested. to start: do not change the ip address of the gateway from The 5268 doesn't play nice if you do. if you did change this, would honestly recommend to factory reset the gateway. Make sure to disable both wifi's on the 5268 Disable the ipv6 on the 5268 make sure to uncheck the firewall items on the 5268 also, and allow your duma router to manage that. I had my setting like this when i was connected to the 5268
  8. I'm debating buying a new one then just returning the broken one.. Crappy thing to do, but at the end of the day so is a expensive, broken router.
  9. Are you using bgw or the 5268? BGW has had a known issue reported with double NAT and reduced speeds even using IP Passthrough, 5268 had a similar issue but was liimited down to 50 Mbps for DMZ. https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32323881-BGW210-Firmware-1-9-14-15-16-2-3-4-2-4-4-2-5-6-2-6-4-2-7-1~start=330 A lot of people have seen success using a dumb switch bypass (switch costs around $17) it's not approved, however it's a way to bypass ATT gateway altogether . https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32094182-
  10. It seems there are more posts appearing in regards to the router locking up, or factory resetting itself... I'm wondering how long they owned their routers in comparison to mine and if this is a build quality issue, and if these devices are biting the dust after x amount of time. https://forum.netduma.com/topic/30858-xr500-factory-reset-on-reboot/ https://forum.netduma.com/topic/30830-xr500-locks-upreboots/
  11. No dice on the adaptor, still is randomly losing internet, then force reboots itself after about 25-30 seconds of no internet, after I'm back on set up screen. I've given up at this point, plugged back in my old r7000 and haven't had a issue since. The XR I guess will either sit collecting dust at this point, or I'll wait to see if maybe the next update being flashed on to there will make it stop factory wiping/rebooting randomly
  12. Well, after 4 calls, 3 hours on hold,being hung up on 3 of them when someone finally answered because they couldn't hear me, finally spoke to someone. They explained they can't do a RMA because the warranty is expired and there isn't another option to resolve. But they explained they're doing 10% off if I wanted to order another one... If I could have reached through the phone... So I guess I have a $300 paperweight now.
  13. device is out of warranty, I tried to file a replacement a while back because the Ethernet port 4 on the back and for the lights up front is Ethernet port 1 on the router, they said nothing they can do. I finally got it to stop factory resetting by doing tftp to manually load .56 back on then factory reset, it will now reboot without factory resetting, at this point I'm going to leave it plugged in to either spend more time trying to get Netgear to replace it, or just buy a different router all together. This has been a very long, frustrating day, spending more time trying to get just internet to work on a expensive product, that at this point takes more time than it worth. None of the features work outside of geo-filter which doesn't recognize dedicated servers correctly or blocks the from outside my radius. Only thing it does do right is tells me the address of where I'm connected to. Most likely I'll end up trying to call Netgear to attempt a replacement, but there shouldn't be this much time and energy to get a $300 dollar to just work. If I can't get a replacement, I'll let y'all know and just move on to another product. Sorry for my frustration
  14. It looks like I'm Not the only one who has experienced this either. And
  15. Sorry that was incorrect.. It did not break my wifi, it factory reset the whole damn router... on top of that i finished setting the dumb thing back up, rebooted it after getting my Xbox set back up. Factory reset itself again... Going to try and now ireload the firmware back on to it, Once again.... But If this doesn't work... I will just dump this router and move to another.. This part right here is the breaking point, spending more time than needed to get the router to stop dropping connection every 5 minutes, requires setting everything to a manual ip, reconfiguring 20+ items, to only have it factory reset, twice. I truly didn't pay $300 to spend 3 hours getting basic things to function that a $100 router or a 5 year old router will do with zero effort, during a day needing internet to function. Truly, This is absolute madness.
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