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  1. I have disabled ipv6 completely, when doing so, Xbox speed tests download speed drops to half of my available speed, still with no qos enabled, and upload doesn't go higher than 30 Mbps. I am currently using att uverse giga power, 1000mbps download and upload, and cat 6a Ethernet cables. Doing speed tests on the modem show 940mbps download/upload, and using the app shows 896mbps and 940mbps upload. The speed tests on Xbox are showing 34-42ms latency vs prior update showing 20-26ms. I have also tried different ports, and cables.
  2. Ever since I updated to .56 my upload speed has gone down the drain, latency for Xbox has increased, and all of the routers features don't seem to work anymore. I have factory reset the router, flashed the original software back, factory reset, updated to the latest firmware, factory reset, and attempted turning everything off, disabling qos, etc. Nothing seems to work anymore. What is the steps to fix these issues? Attaching a screenshot showing qos stating disabled, then turning on
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