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Found 11 results

  1. I can't find in the support forum the steps to safely update the latest firmware for netduma r2 I know it's silly and easy to update but I don't want to make any mistakes that could make the router unusable
  2. Forgive me if I’m late on this but is just a netgear side of update on firmware or was there anything on the DumaOS side of software that was ironed out???? as always still here holding it down waiting for a major update on firmware for the overall system.
  3. Updating my r2 firmware from 3.0.205 to 3.0.394 and wondering if I can backup settings before a factory reset. Was told to always factory reset router before updating firmware but I was wondering if I can save my settings to a backup so I dont have to do all the settings I changed before again or will backup screw up the new firmware?
  4. TL;DR: the v3.0.394 update broke reaching devices after they have been offline for more than a couple of minutes, therefore breaking PC-waking functionality (from sleep, hibernate and shutdown states). Context: I was able to wake my PC from hibernation remotely (from a different country) for the whole of last year without issues, but it seems that updating to firmware v3.0.394 has broken this setup. I am sure that the issue is with the router rather than with the PC since replacing the router with the one from my internet provider and applying the same DHCP and port forwardings works fine (and because no significant PC updates or settings-changes occurred around the time of this loss of functionality). Details: The port forwarding works fine while the PC is awake (I can see the packets arriving). Even more interestingly and worryingly though, whatever went wrong does not seem to be fixable even by a factory reset followed by a rollback to v3.0.205 followed by another factory reset. I did consider the idea that perhaps some setting survived until v3.0.394 even from v3.0.179, but this should not be the case since I followed the suggestion of factory-resetting the router after every update since I got it. The only settings involved in this remote Wake-on-LAN setup are the following: A fixed IP for the PC under DHCP Port-forwarding UDP 7-9 to said IP (and also TCP 3389 for Remote Desktop, but that requires the PC to be awake and has always worked) I frequently rely on this functionality, but especially so if I am not in the country, therefore unfortunately I will be forced to not use the R2 over the holidays (unless it is fixed this week, which I am aware is not a reasonable timeframe ).
  5. Hi, I just updated to the new firmware for the R2 and for some reason QoS won't load. When I try to open it a few moments later I get a message saying "the Rapp is not loaded yet please try again in a minute." I've already factory reset the router twice as well as done a normal reboot.
  6. Ever since I tried to update my Netduma has stopped working properly, it doesn’t search when gaming and the text and overlay is all messed up. (ive tried pressing factory reboot on the settings, nothing happens and ive also tried the 30-30-30 method to no avail THREE times, the only thing that works is when i click on another subcategory)
  7. Yo where's the update at. thought it would've been out last month.
  8. I feel disappointed to see other XR700 and XR500 models with frequent updates and R1 stalled in time. I know the netduma team's argument is to wait for the release of the update with all modifications included. But for us customers, it would be much better to see the team working frequently on updates. Gradually making each new modification available. Every day I visit the forum hoping for a new update, but I realize that a year will pass and nothing will change.
  9. All issues presented on Netduma R1 contain repetitive feedbacks here in the forum. Friends have already gathered all the information they need to come up with a solution, but they are long overdue when it comes to updates. He seems to have abandoned your project to devote himself to Netgegear projects. What seems to be happening.
  10. Hi guys, As I am waiting for the new update as you promised, I was checking in the "firmware update" section on the router and found V2.3.2.32 available. so i updated into that, after the router download and rebooted, I was excited to see some new features like the VPN. unfortunately, nothing. all the same.... what was that about ?????
  11. In short, boost mode will work best in stabilising performance closer to target frame-rates and should prove interesting on unlocked titles, but you can't expect game-changing miracles. Games like Destiny that stick doggedly to their 30fps cap will see no improvement, and titles certainly won't break their performance limits and suddenly run at 60fps. However, there are plenty of games out there that glitch badly or run nowhere near their theoretical limits. In this scenario, boost mode could be revelatory. Source: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2016-ps4-pro-boost-mode-tested-a-game-changer-for-unpatched-titles
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