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  1. It won’t let me add another device here 😕 is there a way to do that. I’d rather not downgrade and reset.
  2. When I go to geofilter I see this: https://imgur.com/gallery/aiF1PlI i don’t want to reset all my settings again
  3. My geo filter is mismatched. What’s the fasted way to reset snd restore all settings?
  4. You’re onto something! @Netduma Fraserwhen is this happening? So I can match make and only find my friend?
  5. I was in orbit so I should have been connected to nobody.
  6. And it can be anywhere? If they are in New York, it can show up anywhere? I’ve tried this and see nothing. Can I fully zoom out on the app? I had a friend join the party and game and I was in the lobby and I got multiple people popping up.
  7. When I’m on destiny, what will cause my friend to ping on my map to allow them? Is it when they join my party chat, or my game lobby? I’d like to allow them so the party doesn’t drop out.
  8. Okay, so if I set my filter around the server on the east coast it won’t use the middle server? I want to ensure it only matches on the east server. is there a way to block out games with players not in that area? I keep getting games with people teleporting and lagging. My ping is <40 and my connection is hard wired, with 600mpbs from 1gb supply.
  9. I couldn’t fix it by deleting the device. The add device button wasn’t working either. My only option was to factory reset
  10. We are not together anymore, but I am alone going to the tower in destiny and I can see the following attachments. It looks like its blocking everything outside the radius. Where is the server that I am connecting to? I cannot see it... I have screenshots with allowed servers...which i think are the ones I should have allowed. As for servers I do not want, i cannot click deny as it is greyed out and not selectable... Any information is appreciated. Also, using the website on an iphone is Horrible is DUMA 3.0, and the app isnt completely functional.
  11. So which server do I allow? Why is Deny greyed out? Can you privately message me so we can discuss this easier?
  12. Yea, I actually did a factory reset and it worked. When I updated it, it messed with it initially
  13. When he joined i saw three icons pop up on the radar. This used to happen by the state they were from. Now who knows what I am doing snd who I’m allowing. I have another post about not being able to deny servers waiting for help.
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