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  1. @Netduma Fraser That actually has made things much better so far. Have two smart TVs, laptop and phone running WiFi with zero problems and WiFi seems to be faster than with the XR500. Thanks a ton Fraser. Will keep you updated if any issues arise.
  2. Thanks Fraser. I will try and do that tonight.
  3. Finally was able to get my R2 hooked up last night. Did the standard setup, speed test, etc.. everything worked for the most part initially getting it going. Phone, smart tv both connected to it and ran WiFi just fine.. have not hooked up Xbox yet (will do that tonight after work), then for some unknown reason it dropped the signal. WiFi wouldn’t work at all. R2 light was on for internet but nothing. Had to reboot, both modem and router 2-3 times. Finally was able to get it going before going to bed by completely reverting back to factory settings. Woke up this morning and WiFi wasn’t even connected to anything. Turned WiFi off and on, and it wouldn’t even bring up the SSID in order to connect to it. Had to manually power cycle the router to get the WiFi working before leaving for work. i just want the R2 to maintain a stable internet connection at a consistent pace let alone get on Xbox and mess with geo-filter, and 3.0. I have not messed with anything as far as the guts of it so having this issue is not what I want.
  4. Uploaded a photo of a symbol i get during all war zone games. I just feel behind a lot and knowing this, and seeing that symbol, something just doesn’t feel right. Idk feel like this xr500 just causes way too much issues for me im wired, geo-filter on, etc..
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