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  1. Good it’s gotten better. I think the whole thing is unexplainable packet loss with in the process of connecting and staying connected to ea servers. Like you mentioned, one game you’re melting ppl easily, next it’s taking half a clip or so. Same as far as getting hit and taking damage, even with a blue or purple shield. It’s a lot of inconsistency that definitely needs to be fixed, if they are willing to fix it, or want too.
  2. I see youre on the xr500.. i didnt like the xr500 for me. I don't think the software works 100% properly on netgears products. thats just me. Why i bought a direct R2. With it doing good then spiking.. thats crazy. Might be bad lines. is your ps4 on a static IP address for the xr500? Set up to be a certain IP address at all times? Just makes no sense as to why it did good then bottomed out. Are you using the QoS, adjusting the percentages and finding out if anything else is sucking up the bandwidth?
  3. Yea getting 70-100ms ping is quite unusual. Are you getting packet loss in the process? Connection troubleshooting (ea.com) .. UO Trace program, scroll down until you see it. Download that and follow the instructions. It'll tell you if youre getting packet loss connecting to ea servers. Also, try a unplug modem and R2 and let the R2 get a refresh.. worked for me the most..
  4. Connect to New York server. For some reason they are better for me as far as ping and PL.. very weird I know. Try that and see if it’ll help. Make sure you have the geo-filter far enough to allow the server to be connected. once I did that, I can connect better, but staying connected after the match is over has been a bit of a mild annoyance. Also, before you do anything in game, reboot modem and R2 and see if that’ll help. ps... adjust your radius bigger for the geo-filter. Mines set at 750 miles.
  5. yea the only slight issue is connection to the ea servers from time to time with geo filter on, other than that its been pretty good.
  6. No. I didnt need to. Once I seen why i was getting packet loss, i rebooted modem and R2, reconfigured some settings and now i'm using geo-filter and getting great results... 30 ping or below. no more skipping or anything as far as i can see, no packet loss. I personally think the R2 was simply bogged down and wasnt moving the congestion around as it should have. i pinged to microsoft servers before hand and it popped up 2% packet loss which i never get, so i knew it had to be R2 overwhelmed or something.. so far a hard reset has fixed the problem. Apex seems to run smooth currently.
  7. I did a trace for EA servers and its not coming up any sort of packet loss, but i also rebooted modem and R2.
  8. I’ll have to check tonight after work. No change to any settings, I’ll take SS of those and post to see if there is anything I can do to combat what’s going on. I haven’t played since Friday so I’ll have to do the disable geo-filter and see what happens.
  9. Router, netduma R2 with only plugged in thing is Xbox. Rest is WiFi. Its like once I get into a game, I feel fine moving around, but the enemies and teammates are skipping around making it hard to get kills.
  10. Here is the serves/hosts when it pinged them all when i restarted the game.
  11. For the most part. They have 3 in my state and they offer 38, 41, 45 ping and 4, 6 and 28% packet loss. The one that shows the best right now is New York which is 34 ping and 4% packet loss
  12. I did it for one match and it put me in a player hosted lobby with a ping of 108.
  13. Trying to play Apex and get back into it. idk if the servers arent updated, or if my settings are off for the game period, but i'm getting laggy lobbies no matter what i do.. ranked, duo's, etc... geo-filter off and on. radius was like 400 with dedi in my state exactly and im still getting laggy lobbies..i'll push radius out and still get it. Even have it set with the Apex settings for Geo-filter. Do i need to port forward anything specific?
  14. Might be a dumb suggestion, but maybe raise the ping higher than 9.. 15/20 or so? Idk.. also possibly try the polygon and not the circle?
  15. It’s my isp modem, R2 and that’s it minus TVs, phones, etc.. and to add, I did a complete factory reset and it is giving me the WAN IP address not the disconnected status, but WiFi isn’t working still, nor is actually wired to Xbox.
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