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  1. Fast.com on the web browser on the ps4, that should show you your speed on your Playstation.
  2. I’ve done 3 resets so far and same issue happens. Tried everything and same GUI issue appears.
  3. Tried Chrome and even tried Edge in Win 10 (Mac Bootcamp). Shows same GUI glitches. And same glitches on iPad and iPhone. I will try another computer too.
  4. The Dashboard was also showing the GUI glitches from Network Monitor, I have uploaded the other 2 pages that shows it.
  5. 760mbps connection... wish I could get that haha, and yeah you will never be able to saturate that sort of connection.
  6. Yeah, I agree with that too, the only way you can back up (export) is the device names, saves a bit of time but I still have to change the device to computer etc.
  7. Actually even after a factory reset, noticing bugs with Wifi when a separate it, it won't show the 5GHZ one, and when I turn both frequencies off, the 2.4ghz will stay on. Have to do a reboot to turn it off, but the 5ghz will refuse to show up even though there's a red light on the router for it. Edit: even if I change SSID and that, it won't appear and have to reboot to get the wifi off. Edit 2: Yep any changes to the WiFi or SSID requires a reboot, but the 5GHZ band I being dodgy and won't appear.
  8. Getting the 1% recommended for me too, I have manually set mine to 80% Download 65% Upload.
  9. Hello, I just noticed that I don't get a 5ghz network on my R2, I have split up the bands and it shows red light on the router for 5ghz, but none of my devices can see the network (I've renamed it different to the 2.4ghz one) Edit: Resolved by factory reset, I couldn't turn off the wifi either, but a factory reset fixed it.
  10. Also noticed the Load Averages have been removed, was that intended?
  11. Same issue, worked fine previous release so unsure why's it happening
  12. Hello, yeah it happens on win 10 chrome. I didn’t have this issue before I upgraded. The old network monitor would show I think 5 devices at a time. But this version has a scroll bar and I’m assuming that’s causing the issue. I noticed the issue straight away after upgrading and factory reset (before I started adding device name). Wonder if anyone else is having this issue.
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