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  1. Just a follow up on this topic. After months of getting no where with BT, I switched to plus net and when the switch was complete. I didn’t change any equipment at all and it resolved it instantly. Looks like a change of port in the FTTC Cabient fixed it.
  2. Will you be making an iOS app. Wouldn’t mind having an option on the fly to turn off anti buffer-bloat and that quickly
  3. Can’t get BT modem to handle the PPoE. I don’t think that’s the issue though.
  4. Yeah PPPoE and no Zyxel is on bridge mode acting as a AP so the XR500 does all the work. I tried removing all devices on the network and just had XR500 and still happens
  5. My Set up is BT Openreach Modem > XR500 > Zyxel Multy X > Multy X Secondary --- > ethernet to ps4 My Ping is about 24-28 but jumps up to 100 when I use the internet on another device like youtube or twitch
  6. Had a look and seems my settings are fine, I do a Speedtest and the speeds are limited when anti buffer bloat is on which seems right but the games have lag spikes all the time.
  7. Yes all devices are connected to the router, how do I disable traffic priorization
  8. Hi, I have a 80/20 connection and my settings are set to 60% both ways and Anti Bufferbloat is always on but I keep getting massive lag spikes when watching twitch on my phone while gaming.
  9. Hi, yeah on the latest firmware and I did a factory reset on this firmware. Yeah first time in ages it has happened, shame the logs don't record it to see what causes it.
  10. Happened again the other week, router lost connection and only way to resolve was a full power reboot. ugh what causes it as the logs don't show.
  11. Says Status Failed when trying to connect to my VPN when using OpenVPN file, am I dragging the file to the config bit and filling out username/password? Edit: ahhh I got to type the text into the text box Okay, got it all working fine, but its so much slower than using my VPN client on my computer, I usually get 50mbps on the client but using the Hybrid VPN, only getting 20mbps?
  12. No, I don't. I did a factory reset and so far its resolved the problem - not sure how it manage to by pass the Traffic Pro - sneaky device haha
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