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    I play COD, Titanfall, Battlefield, Batman, Legos, and many others. I am proud to be the owner a Netduma R1 gaming router! I'm a gamer in my 40's, so don't judge lol. I'm a late bloomer. I enjoy racing,football,baseball, and my girl cheerleading.
    Yes I'm old, but I have fun and I got to see all the best bands!
  1. I never did find an upgrade link. The only one I found was the one for 10. I even looked through my junk mail just to make sure plus I checked my file I created just for my NetDuma emails, sorry.
  2. Just checked mine and mine does indeed end in 10, so it appears I need to upgrade my firmware. I'll have to check and see if I've gotten your latest email.
  3. After several attempts last night I was unable to get my console to show up in the GeoFilter. You can see it on the network map, but I was never able to get it to show up. I'm running tandem routers. My Nighthawk with NetGear OS is the primary with my original NetDuma R1 being downstream. My Nighthawk does recognize the Duma as an attached device. I've been out of the loop for a while, so I'm trying to remember some of the things I've tried in the past to fix this so I'm reaching out, thanks.
  4. My internet connection goes to the NetGear first. Then from there I've went from the NetGear to the Duma, and then hardwired to the PC. I can access the NetGear via wifi on my phone, and the NetGear sees the Duma plus the Duma is Allowed.
  5. Last night I updated to the Milestone 1.3, and now I am unable to access my Netgear router through my NetDuma. In device Manager I see the router but cannot click on it.I would like to be able to access it still. I was able to with the original software and that's what I've gotten used to and comfortable with so I would like to still be able to do this. Also, Google Chrome gives me "Your Connection To This Site Is Not Secure" warning. This may be an entirely separate issue, but it's worth mentioning, thanks.
  6. Took your advice so far so good. Probably setting up my GeoFilter before turning on the console helps too. Seems like it anyways, thanks!
  7. Okay, according to my understanding server 902d612cca2f3a3f is on a server farm. Every time I'm on a server in this geographical locale I have poor gaming quality NetDuma or no NetDuma. It makes no difference what I do it's never consistent so I'm always behind. Since I'm not a networking genius by any stretch I just write it off as heavy traffic so I block it and keep rolling. However, I've noticed that once I'm connected there I never leave that locale. The ID's simply change, and in turn the same poor quality. When I say poor quality I'm talking about being behind in the lobby itself. This is the same issue I've been fighting against for a very long time. This server ID is 161 miles from me so I'm thinking I should have pretty good game play. This is not the case. Any suggestions as to why it operates so poorly? Any suggestions would be great, thanks.
  8. It's in regards to COD Infinite Warfare. I finally started paying attention to server ID's and now I'm suspecting I'm staying on servers within a server farm. I was paying too much attention to how many miles it was from my home location and not the server ID's. It's my fault for crying wolf. My apologies.
  9. Here's something I have noticed. I began watching the server ID's. They started changing with me. After watching a little longer I noticed that every ID was exactly 152 miles from my location. Therefore, that tells me that I am not locked on just one server but I am connecting to servers that are in the same location, aka server farm. Every one of them ping anywhere between 35-70ms just rough numbers but it's always over 35ms. It's hit or miss on MP performance. On Friday February 3rd I couldn't have asked for better performance. Top shelf lobbies and it was smooth as butter. On Saturday the 4th back to the usual. Whether it was super heavy traffic because it was Saturday, meh maybe, but, dummy here has finally started paying attention to server ID's and that's how I figured out for myself that I have misinformed everyone. I sincerely apologize, and it has helped me understand more fully what's going on. Experience will always be the best teacher.
  10. I'm on bro if you have time. ID: 902d6833ca2f3a3f Distance: 152 miles. Pinging at 5-6.5ms. It runs terrible. Apparently I'm incorrect of assertion of the same server. Apparently is a server farm with the distance 152 miles somewhere in Georgia. That's where it keeps me and it's horrible. You'd think with that excellent of a ping it'd be perfect.
  11. Whew, usually that's about the only time nowadays. Hey! Everybody's gonna be gone this weekend! Let me me line everything up and I'll try my best to give you a definite time of availability.
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