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  1. scbba

    new router

    I have 300 down and 20 up but I have seen as high as 2gb and as low as 100kbps and the only line we have coming in the home is the modem because we don't have tv only streaming we have about 20 devices connected so I'm not sure if that's too much for the R1 or not
  2. I have already to no avail its all good I will see how it plays out after they finish with the pole move and new cables to the home. I have it where there is not as bad wtf moments but I think alot of has to do with the netcode of cod
  3. I dont ever see the full 400 because I am to far away from the pole they have been running a access point closer to the house for over 2 months . I just cant seemed to get my duma set up correctly for gaming
  4. no just random drops and ever since the new modem my ping has been ughhhh i usually average 15 to 20 ms to atl server but now I'm consistently in the 40s
  5. I have 400 down and 20 up and the r1 handles it pretty well now if charter can get their crap together I might be able to use the r1 more effectively
  6. Happens 2 to 3 times a day or it may go a week or 2 without dropping but sometimes it' not all devices it' a few then other times its all of them.
  7. I'm having the same issues since getting new service with the tp link 7610 wifi just drops out randomly
  8. scbba

    new router

    After.new lines it still doesn't help but they gave me E31T2V1 modem does any one here know about them ? And if they have the chipset 6 in them ? I was able to change my Duma os to 600 down and 20 up to get over 200 mbps it seems to be working better than it did so ill.guess I'l have to live with it til we get something else. The tech did tell me our area is about 5 years behind the surrounding areas as far as new cabling and equipment
  9. scbba

    new router

    After.new lines it still doesn't help but they gave me E31T2V1 modem does any one here know about them ? And if they have the chipset 6 in them ?
  10. scbba

    new router

    thanks Ill try this and report back. as far as bo4 goes that game is just a nightmare for me I get destroyed
  11. scbba

    new router

    this server here is only 20 mins from my house this also on 100%. spectrum is coming out tomorrow to run all new lines in my house so we will see if this improves
  12. scbba

    new router

    I just got my tc 7610 I believe is the model set up I have 300down and 20 up My ping is anywhere from 14 to 20 but the games no matter what I am second behind shoot first die first on cod titanfall or destiny even bf1 is horde. the first pic is 70 70 no wifi and the second in 100/100 no wifi and the 3rd is 70/70 with wifi and the 4th is 70/70 streaming on the fire stick. I am running duma os on the r1 I have the anti buffer to high traffic as well all consoles and pcs are wired only thin wireless is my phones and the firestick.
  13. scbba

    new router

    I have and just can't seem to get it set up correctly I have done everything in all the tuts. Don't get me wrong I love the duma i just can't get it to work properly
  14. scbba

    new router

    Im looking for a new router that has better anti bufferbloat control but I want to be able to still use my r1 for the geo filtering is there a way I can do this?
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