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  1. What he said!! I walked right in to mine, expecting it to be a problem with my line and they said well lets try this new modem first and sure enough that fixed it.
  2. I haven't, but knock on wood.... It's been approx 48 hrs and so far so good. I did do things a little differently this time and used Areteegea's tip. After a little research a ton of people have suggested that it could have been ATT's most recent FW update, but who knows. If it stays stable for a while, I might do a little write up on the order of the process and exactly how to do it. It's not as easy as the tutorial on ATT's website suggests
  3. Okay, so it just did it while I was play on xbox and I checked the logs this time in the RG. I see something different around the time it kicked me. it say node "my public ip" is up and all of the other times during the day that my connection was working in this setup it read node"my public ip" is down Could this tell us something?
  4. PC connected directly to the RG= equals no throttle when this occurs. It's something about hows it talking to the XR500 I can even keep my setup XR>RG>PC and go into the UI of the RG and run the speed test at the unit and it's getting full speeds
  5. I set a static IP on it and it will still throttle down for some reason randomly, even without me adjusting anything. I'll go back into the RG and redo everything and its back to new. When I go into the RG to repeat the process, I'm not putting in a new IP each time. The public IP from the ISP gets assigned to the xr500, and won't allow me to reset when I have a static ip on the XR, I simply switch it to static after the RG assigns it to the XR. It's the same each time though. If i don't have it dynamic mode, when I redo everything, the RG won't let me put it in DMZ+.
  6. I do get full speeds when I disable, and I can successfully operate the QOS sliders now with out problems. The issue seems to be something times out and it will randomly throttle my connection down + I begin to get double Nat or it will just throttle down. It seems to be on the RG, because I can successfully get everything to temporarly work again by going into the RG and repeating the steps, and I can leave the xr500 completely alone. Just plug it back into the RG once I mess with the RG and speeds are back up. Maybe something to do with firewall rules on the RG? I'm attaching a snapshot of what I can change in there
  7. Not really I've followed the tutorial above several time from other places and can get it to work each time. This time I followed and the speeds seem to be stable, the didn't change over night, but when I fired up my xbox, it's now showing a double nat issue
  8. To be honest, I'm not sure that making changes is exactly the trigger. I had it happen randomly during use a second ago too. I can get it to work using this method, however, it will throttle my US/DS to 50/100. I have to mess with some of the other settings to get full speed. Un check Stealth mode, Ping blocker etc. So are you saying it renews the DMZ every so often?
  9. I recently switch from Spectrum to ATT fiber as I wasn't getting a very consistent bandwidth and now I'm having a nightmare of a time on ATT trying to figure this out. As we all know ATT hardware doesn't have a true bridged mode and the best thing they can offer is ip passthrough or in this case something they call DMZ+ that shares the public IP with a router behind it. I've followed tutorials and have successfully had this work, however, if I go in the XR500 and change something like put a Xbox console in or out of DMZ on the router, It will throttle my speed by about 1/5th to 1/10th of the speed I should be getting. If I leave it alone it seems to work fine, ping is low/stable, speed around 900/900, but once I change something on the router side it throttles down and I have to redo the setup within the modem. i.e. clearing device list within modem, putting the router back into dmz+ and disable some features on the mode side such as block ping and stealth mode. Is there something I'm missing?
  10. Hello All, Were you searching directly after the patch was released? Are you using Upnp, DMZ or Port trigger? If using Upnp, go into settings and disable upnp and then restart router, once it boots back up go back into setting and enable upnp and then restart console. Let me know if that helps
  11. So lets assume the game is treating you like you have a moderate NAT..... Moderate NAT doesn't mean you have a bad connection, a person with a open NAT can have a horrible connection as well. It just can impact whom you connect to in matchmaking. The pool size to connect with people with moderate or open NAT is smaller than people with open,moderate, and strict....so I can understand your assumption as to why your feel your connection is worse. In all reality, the pool size of people for you connect to could be smaller, but the probability of getting a good connection host/server or less than ideal host/server should be relatively the same if your NAT was open
  12. were you going off of what BLOPS says or the network settings? Keep in mind it may say you have a moderate NAT sometimes when in fact you do not
  13. Servers do not run that smooth here to be honest. Sometimes I force servers overseas to get a better experience, just depends on volume of players I guess
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