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  1. Reboot Router Fixed, 70/70 QOS Perfect.
  2. I have the verizon fios gigabyte package (940 Download, 880 Upload). However, I have just done a speed test on DSLReports and Ookla and both are coming up below 100 each. EDIT: FIXED REBOOTED ROUTER
  3. Please, you have no idea what you are talking about, I'm in spectate mode "my guy" like I said I CANNOT change to Playstation hence why I mentioned before. A factory reset did the trick... Thank you @Netduma Fraser
  4. i did steps 12,4,5,6,7, and 8 nothing. i left my pc as pc.
  5. playstation device type doesnt work with the hybridvpn?
  6. I turned off the adblocker, same issue, uninstalled the adblocker, same issue, figured hey it might be firefox, uninstalled firefox, installed google chrome, same exact issue as you can see in the screenshot.
  7. that issue has been ongoing for sometime now (fucked up interface), however I have rebooted from the three dots>reboot, than i have cleared firefox's cache/cookies and the page is not properly working for me just loaded into a game and this is what i got...
  8. as you can see nothing auto ping, one of the screenshots im in game and the auth server doesnt even show. irrelevant: but recently my dumaos ui has fucked up and as you can see the allow and deny is half way down the screen, when i do the pingheatmap the servers are so far down hidden not sure whats going on
  9. I live in NY area, I guess anything is possible, I will load into a game right now and see if I receive anything via autoping
  10. as you can see in the screenshot, im in a game and it says im not connected to any servers. my issue is my geofilter is not showing any servers. normally when i load the game it will show a ton of servers, or when im in a game, now it shows NOTHING.
  11. as you can see im in game, with no idea what server im connected to in spectate mode, geofilter mode is chalked.
  12. First I can't see ANY servers on my Geo-Filter. I have my geofilter set to the smallest circle and 200 ping assist at the moment. When I search for a a game it starts at 70 ping (should be connecting to lowest ping server?) When I disable geofilter my ping starts at 11. Even in spectate mode I can not see any servers what so ever. Firefox.
  13. That was QOS Disabled. When I have QOS Enabled the best I found for me was 34% Download 9% Upload on QOS but in the connection I was getting above 13 ping + on everything (download idle upload avaerage) Is there a way I can lower my jitter? Also, now that my QOS is disabled, is there a way I can traffic prioritize?
  14. i know the duma os connection benchmark isnt accurate and all the way up to standards yet, is there any eta on the connection benchmark tool? using the tool i've found running qos disabled I have around 2 less ping and all of the numbers are very very very close to eachother, as where QOS on my average will be 12, download 13, upload 15, idle 12 is there a way to lower my jitter? edit: ping plotter, qos off, saturated (3 twitch streams open, dslreports test and dumaos connection test simultaneously @Netduma Fraser edit 2: how would i traffic prioritize with qos off? i would like the same as picture 3
  15. Would COD run better with or without QOS enabled with speeds of 940/880, do speeds those high get congested? Or am I better off running QOS which lowers both my download and upload dramatically
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