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  1. tyvm anyway! apprecaite everything that you do, so excited to hook up the netduma r2 right now!
  2. edit edit: my router actually just arrived! I'm very excited to hook it up before I do can you look over my screenshots and tell me what I need to fix, I adjusted these to the video i linked. 4:45 timestamp
  3. I'm very excited my Netduma R2 will be arriving today, before it gets here and set it up I have a few questions! What should I set my MTU to? Congestion Control Provider? RSS? RSC? Basically everything in the SG TCP Optimiozer video's on youtube, what settings should be set? TCPNoDelay? TcpDelAckTicks? TcpAckFrequency?
  4. DNS Question, Do you recommend using google/cloudfair dns server? Running namebench or just leaving it to obtain by itself, thanks in advance, excited my netduma arrives tmw.
  5. Thank you for the fast reply, I do indeed have the G3100, and I do plan on returning it the day my netduma r2 preorder arrives, so it already looks like im in a step to the right direction. by ONT i'm assuming your talking about the optical network terminal, which is in my basement, however I have the cable running up to my 2nd floor apartment that the G3100 is plugged directly into, i'm assuming I would just plug the R2 directly into the cable coming out of my wall? Wifi: I have no concern or use for wifi what so ever, It's just my gaming PC and it's directly ethernet. A little confused where the IP Adress changing came into play, is this something your recomending I do or?
  6. Hello Kirneill, I have preorderd and am expecting the R2 any day now, I have verizon fios gigabite inter connection, (Up to 880/940 Mbps), when I run a internet test on dslreports.com I am recieving 810 download/939 upload, however the bufferbloat idle and download are at Sample: 18, upload sample is 81 (in the red/above the yellow with 100ms). Suggestions for A++ bufferbloat/bullet reg? Also I saw you said you had a work around for a specific players isp, I was wondering if that ISP was verizon fios and if you planned on leaking the work around? (I saw it in a tweet of yours) What are things the average person with DumaOS should be doing but most likely are not doing?
  7. Wayne

    R2 Preorder?

    Curious if there is any word at all? I've been checking my email every day, is it still expected to be delivered by the end of the month? are we looking at it being delivered early next month? kind of concerned that there haven't been any follow up emails
  8. I think that Kirneill can achieve such amazing optimization of the product is because of the tools the product offers, network optimization is different for every person, what works for you may not necessarily work for the next person, and I think that's why it's not as easy as just making a one setting works for all guide, as nice as it sounds. Kirneill has 1000's and 1000's of hours into his craft, your basically paying for his knowledge.
  9. KIRNEILL is nothing less than amazing, i'm very fimiliar with him and his company Sense of Quality, he has done optimizations for every single warzone player that has won a tournament besides 1 (not including majority of cdl league players) that alone says something! I guess the question is how important is network optimization if you are not playing on a 'tournament' level but more 'competitive' level? Is it something that is noticeable? Is it that much of an advantage? also why your here are pre-orders still expected to be deleivered the last week of feb?
  10. I have preordered the Netduma R2, while waiting for the pre-order I have also upgraded my interenet speed from 100mbs download/100mbs upload to 1000mbs download/1000mbs upload. (Verizon Fios) I see "KIRNEILL" offers "network optimization" for "duma os" products only. "- INTERNET OPTIMIZATION- 200$ - Increase Reliability and Performance of your Network. This can be for Gaming, WIFI, Remote Work (Work From Home) as Internet Optimizations are tuned to your personal preferences. **NOTE**- - WE RECOMMEND ADVANCED ROUTERS THAT IS *NOT* THE DEFAULT ISP ROUTER - PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU NEED TO KNOW WHICH ROUTER WILL PROVIDE THE BEST VALUE IN YOUR BUDGET! a NETDUMA R2 (150$), XR500 (250$), or XR1000(350$) before you obtain an optimization. We do NOT do Internet Optimizations on DEFAULT ROUTERS* " Is this something that is reccommended / worth paying for, or is it something I can do myself and invest the $200 dollars elsewhere?
  11. Fraser, Could you please explain why it's more effectively to scan as a Playstation device type rather than a different console or PC? Thank you in advance!
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