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    JOE1305 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in No DMZ Option   
    Thanks guys it worked with Upnp when activated on the isp router. It works now.
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    JOE1305 reacted to Netduma Fraser in No DMZ Option   
    Exactly as above, port forwarding that range would essentially be the same - remember to select TCP & UDP for this. Also disable the WiFi on the provider router so that ALL devices are controlled by the R1.
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    JOE1305 reacted to Bert in No DMZ Option   
    If it has port forwarding, just forward UDP/TCP 1-65535 to your R1. That essentially does the same. Or if it has uPNP it will work automatically.
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    JOE1305 reacted to Dante Soulest in WiFi Disconnection   
    After a few days of testing after what you said, Fraser, the issue still persists, but it didn't happen from what I can tell as frequently. That could just be a placebo effect going on, but I did notice how it never occurred back to back within the same hour. It would still disconnect randomly, just a small frequency of it occurring, if this information is helpful at all.
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    JOE1305 reacted to Dante Soulest in WiFi Disconnection   
    So for awhile now I've been suffering from random drops in my Wifi connection. These usually occur a few hours separate from one another, but have had it occur twice in an hour before. This does nothing to my hard wired devices as they are able to work perfectly fine while the devices on wifi are working or down and not working. The wifi enabled devices still show they are connected to the router, but they can't go to any websites or watch videos. I thought this would clear up by following a bunch of things I saw online from changing frequency channels, rebooting with various settings changed, to messing with the workaround option thing with previously mentioned settings changes. It is a fairly decent annoyance that occurs regularly and I don't know what to do about it anymore. I haven't tried downgrading back to pre-dumaos to test if it works, then re-upgrading to see if it then fails because of the update.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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    JOE1305 reacted to NinaRicci2011 in Sbmm , destroy modern warfare   
    This game is garbage whit sbmm , one match u win and then u lose , 
    every lobby is full whit different connextions 
    today someboy kils me whit light machine gun and i had the mp7 , the man was running whit the lightmachine and still he was faster  , 
    not one setting in the netduma works becoz u can set ur geofilter where u want , overal are mix lobby’s whit lag and high Ping , 
    i have now problems whit Gaming to my OWN skill and then losing 
    but wht infinity ward here do have nothing more the do whit gaming , the bad connextions they are the winners in this game 
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    JOE1305 reacted to bagsta69 in What to do with lag compensation MW   
    It played well on the beta but not so well now 
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    JOE1305 reacted to Bert in COD BO4 HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE FOR ME   
    i have both a Pro and a Slim with SSD. And while it improved the menu speed on the slim, it's clearly faster on the Pro. You get the occasional loading sign but it only lasts a second or so.
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    JOE1305 reacted to Bert in COD BO4 HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE FOR ME   
    Most big youtubers have a private leaseline so their internet is miles better than yours in terms of quality. A 100 mbit leaseline will top a 1 Gbit consumer ISP connection every day when it comes to real time data simply because they are not sharing their line with anybody else but plug straight into the backbone where ISP's etc also plug into. For the Youtubers that specialize in high kill gameplays I would bet money that some even go as far as moving to a city where a datacenter is located so they can be closest to the server. And actually in some cases it's even possible to get a private lease line from the same cloud provider that hosts the CoD server, now we are talking business.
    Also, menu lags in BO4 is mostly prevalent on the OG PS4, use a Pro with a SSD and it's practically gone.
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    JOE1305 got a reaction from N3CR0 in COD BO4 HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE FOR ME   
    I experienced the same thing with blops4 like you. I have 19ms ping to the server. but in game its like a stutter party. I tried other games like bo3 and ww2 no issues at all. but bo4 is just a mess. The pre-game menue lags, the gameplay lags but on youtube nobody is talking about because they all are sellouts. Like the youtubers have their own version of the game to promote good gameplay so activision can sell more. lmfao. On pingplotter is everything fine on my side but still it annoys me that even playing hardcore makes barely a difference.
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    JOE1305 reacted to Vincent in COD BO4 HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE FOR ME   
    Hello, I’m here by wanna talk about the living hell nightmare I’ve been dealing with Call of duty black ops 4 so clearly the geo filter shows my ping to the server 15ms but the in game ping constantly 30 - 40ms wow what a disappointment. Will be nice if you guys who invented the XR500 will give more tools for us with this router especially for APEX Legend. But anyways the xr500 great piece of a equipment but the inconsistency of the lag spikes in the game is not. I shot somebody get drop in 1 second but I’m here emptying whole intired clip to the enemy. Only to died by 3 shots but anyways did some testing on pingplotter here is the results also switch to a different ISP name RCN my internet package 1GIG but my PS4 only reach up to 500Mbps.” 
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    JOE1305 reacted to DanyKTM in 70 - 3 BOps4 Gameplay :D   
    nice gamplay ! 
    if only I could kill so easily... I need to fight little bit more.
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    JOE1305 reacted to Dave Masefield in Allow and deny   
    Here is a prime example. This guy is denyed but i am still put up against him.
    It doesn't happen often but when it does, it's annoying.

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    JOE1305 reacted to Dave Masefield in Allow and deny   
    Good evening all,
    Some connections that i set to my deny list still manage to sneak through. How come this is?

    Slipman is an opponent that I fight on SFV but his connection is horrendous so I deny him but he still pops up.

    Any help?

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    JOE1305 reacted to Netduma Fraser in R1 issues   
    Could you disable QoS from Anti-Bufferbloat settings and see if that helps with the disconnects please?
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    JOE1305 reacted to Netduma Fraser in R1 issues   
    Could you disable the WiFi, reboot then enable the WiFi and reboot again please and see if that helps.
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    JOE1305 reacted to bbursley in Anyone else having time to kill issues on bo4   
    just revert back? In general most people are suffering in bo4 worse than almost any cod game (as bad as AW without geofiltering honestly). But to be fair I saw people who never geofiltered and had no issues. The server is gonna test your speed to see if you have a fast enough (bandwidth) to be connecting to the server, then it wants to know your ping. So even if you qualify for those two things theres still gonna be people with better connections dumping all over you. People in parties is also another issue too, they are like invincible no matter what cod you play. Perhaps place yourself over a further location or something or maybe try an area close to you but without dedicated servers involved, that was something I had wanted to try myself. There will be PLENTY of player hosts for bo4 since theres still tons for bo3 even and ghosts. Its just the less popular the game the worse it gets. Also I dont think DumaOS for the R1 works that great for geofiltering anyways. If it does for you then awesome, but pay attention to what you connect to and see if thats the reason. I think servers give bad connections to much of an advantage because of the high tick rate, but the player hosts might be lower? I noticed as soon as the games tick rate went up, I wasnt feeling godly anymore, so now it REALLY becomes a pissing contest with connections far to much.
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    JOE1305 reacted to bbursley in Are these lagspikes?   
    yeah idk how wifi would actually help either. Ive never noticed a major difference, at least a positive one that is. I just think people need to move on beyond this game already, its really not that fun anyhow, its so underwhelming versus other cods.
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    JOE1305 got a reaction from Sci0n in Are these lagspikes?   
    Hello Fraser,
    sorry bro, I dont believe that because I have bought new high quality ethernet cables in fall 2018 recommended by big dog and jack. I dont think its the cables. I rather think that the roumor is true that high ping players get benefited in this game.
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    JOE1305 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Netduma issue   
    This message is fine, if you don't have an adblocker then it has detected a browser extension that might interfere with the interface. If you've not installed an extension recently or theres been no updates for extensions then you can ignore this.
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    JOE1305 got a reaction from Alex49H in Are these lagspikes?   
    you are absolutely right about playing on cable. but this game in particular has its own rules :D.
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    JOE1305 got a reaction from Netduma Jack in BO 4 Cloud Update   
    thanks for the info. already finished. 
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    JOE1305 got a reaction from TrayDay in Are these lagspikes?   
    you are absolutely right about playing on cable. but this game in particular has its own rules :D.
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    JOE1305 reacted to Netduma Jack in Are these lagspikes?   
    There are a few cases to argue for and against that rumour. It could well be true - based on what I've seen on this forum and my own experiences, I reckon the ideal ping is around 20-30 in most games. It's a kinda' mid-point between the lowest and highest in the server on average, so the lag comp could well treat you better.
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    JOE1305 reacted to TrayDay in Are these lagspikes?   
    There's going to come a day where WiFi will be just as good as Ethernet, with a just a couple milliseconds off and cut-through signals. But that day is not anytime soon. WiFi has come a long way, but ethernet today is still absolute. But hey, maybe something in COD game engine to aid those on WiFi. Good to hear you're enjoying yourself. 😀
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