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Found 13 results

  1. I have factory reset my XR500. I've given my Nintendo Switch a static IP and I have set that IP as the DMZ but I still get NAT Type D. I am on the latest firmware: V2.3.2.134 Any ideas on how to resolve this, please?
  2. Hi Netduma Team, Hope you guys are all doing good. I'm located in France. I'm contacting you as all of a sudden, the NAT type on my xbox series X went strict. I've tried several configurations without no result. I hard reseted the netduma r2 also with no success. So when digging a bit, i saw that the NAT comes back at "open" when i deactivate GeoFilter. It seems like geo filter is blocking Microsoft Xbox NAT servers. I also tried to launch a NAT test on the console and observe what pops on the geofilter map. I then saw two servers poping in around USA East coast. Il allowed these two servers and things seems to be better but this is not a solution in the long term. Could you please give a hand on this. Many thanks in advance Have a nice days. Regards Amah
  3. Hello, I am looking for assistance with configuring my XR500 router to get an Open NAT type for CoD Warzone as my NAT type is reporting as Moderate. Here is my current network path: PC > Switch (Netgear GS316 Unmanaged) > Router (XR500 (AC2600)) > Modem (Netgear CM1000). XR500 firmware is V2.3.2.56. If it matters, Cat6 cables connect each device. I have attached screen shots of my current port forwarding rules config for Warzone. And yes, my PC has a static IP address. Currently have QoS turned off as having it on didn't allow WiFi calling for my iPhone X (separately, has this been fixed? I heard that v3 beta might have a fix for this) My Geo-Filter config is completely default, I've never touched it. Nat Filtering in the WAN Settings is set to Secured. I tried setting this to Opened, but it didn't seem to help so I reverted it back to Secured. For reference, here is Activision's documentation for CoD port forwarding: Ports Used for Call of Duty Games (activision.com) I followed this post for port forwarding instrcutions: Ultimate NAT Guide and settings for XR500 - NETGEAR Communities Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello, I have my modem connected to my R2 router. In Network Settings> UPnP: I am listing my PC fixed IP address with only one port open, that being 3074. UPnP is on. In Network Settings> Port Forwarding: I had my PC fixed IP address with rules set for the additional ports I require open. I am only getting Moderate NAT type in Warzone. It was mentioned earlier in another post that I may have to activate my DMZ. Am I to put my PC fixed IP address in the box? and will this make my PC insecure? Are there any other options I can look to change on my modem that might allow the required ports to appear open on my R2. I already tried removing the Port Forwarding rules on the R2 to see whether it would make any difference, but it hasn't. Also, I have tried turning off UPnP and entered the ports to Port Forwarding and again nothing. One final thing. When I log in to the interface, DUMA OS treats each login as a first time and annoyingly displays the help overlays for each tab. Again, a suggestion was made referring me to bookmark the page in my web browser. This hasn't helped. Thank you. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. How do I change my Nat type on ps5 use netduma r2 it has Nat type 3 never had this issue before I started use this router
  6. SO. this is the 2nd time I've purchased a netduma. had an r1. it was alright back then. I decided since my connection speeds and what not were beyond the specs of what it could handle and I had a lot of devices I wanted to get an upgrade to make the most out of my connection. Now I have an XR700 nighthawk. Not happy. always have double NAT on Xbox and my PlayStation always type 2. I haven't used hardly any of the features on the router since I got it because I was waiting for tutorials since I got the ability when some new beta firmware came out that changed its operation a little bit. With that being said. I have had to restart from factory, not once but FOUR times. If I even try to use any additional features to improve NAT the router gives me crazy connection issues and if i undo all the changes I made to it, it doesn't care and the problems persist until I reset it and that is an annoyance all in its own setting all my stuff back up to it. I recently tried port forwarding because one of the games (Dead By Daylight I have discovered and I LOVE this game) has just all of a sudden stopped working. I went online to find port guides. first thing I found was sites saying disable uPnP to start the process and then put in the ports yada yada yada. well when I specifically tried to look for a simple guide to help me as a template from start to finish, i was shocked I simply can not find a tutorial for this router. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTING. So immediately I had accomplished nothing and decided I did not know how to do everything perfectly and turned uPnP back on (only change I made) and omfg now my connection is struggling with MULTIPLE GAMES. I'm getting negative ping rates on servers for other games so I cant join any but one server or my games have stopped working together all in general. Only reason I haven't reset it again is cause last time I did I felt like the router i paid a lot for almost bricked cause i had to go through so much effort to get it to come back on an hour after hitting that factory reset. For a product that is so highly regarded, I would have expected some kind of support on basic things like forwarding examples. a simple 2 minute video somewhere. I couldn't find a consistent example on something basic like that through hours on googling how to port forward for this specific router. I'm such a paranoid individual cause of the issues I've had I don't want to do anything else with it and for the money I don't think you should have to be extremely versed to use it. I love that its supposed to have all these features to help me dominate the lag. But if you are unable to find out how to use these features with ease then what's the point when other routers are cheaper and don't give these problems ?
  7. Hello, just installed this router yesterday and did some minor tweeks using a YT vid. I'll admit it was a little overwhelming compared to the Asus 68u it replaced. Using the Asus I would get an Open Nat type when playing Warzone, and moderate/open (varied) on PS4. Anticipating the Cold War launch (playing multiplayer on console, and warzone on PC) I decided to switch to the Netduma R2 as my console Nat type was showing moderate. I set it up and put the ps4 in a dmz and it worked like a charm open nat. When I went to play on PC it was now moderate, and no matter what I tried I couldn't get it open. Other things I've noticed is the Wifi was horrible even in a small apartment with single device use. My firestick has already disconnected numerous times, and my cell taking forever to load webpages. Hoping someone can assist me with getting this setup properly. I'd really like to take advantage of the benifits it's meant to provide.
  8. I'd say my knowledge is above average when it comes to tech/internet stuff. I can usually troubleshoot pretty well given I can Google almost anything. But I've completely exhausted my resources and don't know what to do anymore. For starters, here's what I got. I have the 1000 down package from Cox. I have their modem/router plugged to the wall. And my XR500 plugged into their modem/router. Then I have my PS4 wired into the XR500. I've moved plenty of times in the past and have had numerous routers. So setting up internet isn't new to me. I forwarded the ports needed for Modern Warfare on PS4 and it still didn't make my NAT Type Open in-game. I made sure UPNP is enabled. I have geo filter turned off. I resetted everything multiple times. I'm beginning to think this is a Nighthawk issue and not a PS4 issue. I never had a problem with routers getting over Moderate NAT even if there's a modem/router in-between them and the internet. I know turning on Bridge mode on the modem/router might alleviate that issue but I never had to do this in the past and even Netgear doesn't recommend turning on Bridge mode. I also don't know how I feel about using DMZ servers. I've never done it before but I read that it makes my internet more vulnerable to attacks. Something I also noticed is my game lagging more. I play competitive so I'm in custom games lobbies 90% of the time. I would get noticeable lag spikes where my game freezes for 5 seconds and I would end up somewhere else in the map (usually dead). No one else is experiencing this in the lobby. There's also a noticeable delay/lag with my bullets actually landing on the opponents. And I know this can mean several things but if I can notice it with just a day of playing with people in similar servers then I feel it's legitimate. It's my first time using Duma OS so I won't be surprised if I did something wrong with it. If anyone with more experience can help then I'd greatly appreciate it.
  9. Hi, I've been suffering lag issues with my connection since the year dot... I've tried everything to combat this. from buying the xr500 and setting 70-70% buffer bloat to buying stand-alone modems. nothing seems to work. My gameplay is terrible I always come off second best in any battle, I have found that if I use an automatic weapon from distance i stand a much better chance of getting kills but when I go head to head or use a sniper rifle I might as well not bother... I then started looking into this and came across the puma 6 chipset that was causing ping spikes by testing my router and modem (Vodafone router, Netgear modem, Openreach modem and tp-link modem/router) these are the combos I have tried... I have also tested each one individually by using the DSL reports test http://www.dslreports.com/tools/puma6 this has shown that all of my hardware is failing and resulting in major spikes up to 700ms and mainly red and amber results. I can't tell if the xr500 has anything to do with this or that it's just a faulty chipset in all the modems and the xr500 is just reporting the result of what's coming through the modem. I have also used ping plotter to see if i could replicate some of the unstable latency/pings and its not conclusive partly because I'm only using the free version of ping plotter. I have also tried playing about with my NAT type by doing port forwarding, DMZ, UPNP and opening nat on my WAN menu. I have tried UPnP on and off, consoles in the DMZ and out but nothing seems to have been very successful. I get an open NAT but the gameplay is really bad. I recently bought a tp-link vr300 and noticed it had an option for a full cone NAT. I have enabled this and closed the NAT on the XR500 and also added port triggering on my tp-link to all the relevant ports for my game and it seems to be playing a lot better but this might just be a placebo. does anyone have suggestions on how to overcome the puma 6 chipset high ping problems or good UK modem that doesn't use it? don't want to buy another modem only to find it's going to give me the same problems and if you have had any experience with full-cone NATs and the best setup for gaming.
  10. hey guy i have ahd my router for 1 year now , i have it hooked up to a comcast modem (newest cisco) and i have from the beginning had it setup on a DMZ with a static ip address and had no issues until a week ago and my xbox started telling me i have a double nat and i cant party chat . i have check all of my settings on my comcast router and also have done a factory reset on BOTH and started from scratch. i have even disable the ENTIRE firewall on my comcast router and when i hook up my xbox to my comcast router i get a open NAT , but as soon as i connect to my netduma its switchs to strict and double nat ???????
  11. Hello , Im having an issue with UPNP its not triggering any ports although it used to work at first when i got the router an update maybe screw it up ? Im playing cod on ps4 it used to open port 3074 and 9038. but now nothing and gives me Moderate Nat in cod.
  12. Hi Guys, So, with Destiny 2 dropping soon, i'll be back on Xbox One. I know full well I'll have the Strict/Moderate NAT type I've always had on their since the Duma. I must be doing something wrong, I have forwarded all the ports, I play Xbox without UPNP enabled yet I still get the strict/Moderate NAT. I've attached a couple of images with my settings. Can any of you shed any light on how to get Open NAT with both Xbox one and PS4 (The PS4's NAT is Open already)
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esu9Ib-vYZM HOW TO HAVE AN OPEN NAT TYPE EVERY TIME!
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