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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, it's been 3 days that my netduma keep loosing connection. It lose connection when I try to enter in dumaos dashboard And sometimes during the day. I didn't make changes to connection or anything but I don't know what can I do. If I need a factory reset could you please share the instructions? Btw the problem is also that I don't remember my router configuration since I have done it year ago. Thanks I'm on latest v of the Firmware
  2. What will be happen exactly to geo filtering Destiny 2 on consoles when sdr will be implemented in 1/2 weeks? Because i bought this router just for this feature
  3. hi guy im new here. my router arrived today but i cant seem to get power to it, ive followed the instrutions guide step by step but cant seem to get power or lights on router. if someone could kindly take the time to help me i would be really happy. quinten
  4. I’m just wondering why My download is going up a lot but upload isn’t at all?
  5. So I know this is a weird question but shooters shoot am I right? I have bell fiber the 1GB down and 750 up with a netduma r2 but I don’t have a desktop nor laptop that can achieve those speeds not even close neither from WiFi or Ethernet so running a Speedtest to put into QoS bandwidth speeds so I put random numbers in, I had 730 download and 696 upload for the network settings. I was wondering what should I realistically put in to achieve my actual full speeds I ran the auto detect on the R2 and it gave me 850 download and 720 upload. Should I leave it as that or should I put in my 1 gig down and 750 upload? confusing to my walnut brain : also to add on is there any network settings I should have turned off? I have IPv6 turned off both general and WAN. Allow ping, port scan, and syn flood are enabled, should any of those be turned off?
  6. Bonjour, j'ai un routeur netduma r1 mais je ne peux pas me connecter à l'adresse de configuration, que faire ? Je suis branché en câble de mon routeur à mon ordinateur. Merci 😉
  7. After the latest firmware I cant acquire internet connection. I performed a hard reset on the R2 as well and cannot get it to connect. Hardwired or WiFi. Please help. Thanks in advance, Irving
  8. Will the original netdumar1 receive the new open beta 3.0 milestone?
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