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  1. I have my XR500 in V104 and when I update to V114 it reverts to the original stock firmware but states it is in V114 in system information. I have done this three times now and have factory reset afterwards each time. I've re-installed V104 and skipped the suggested upgrade to V114 and all is as it should be, Duma OS3 Beta. I know this might appear to be bo**ocks but it is true, If I update my XR500 in V104 to V114 I get the original firmware with V114 in system info.......am I missing something or aren't you using OS3 on the XR500 anymore?
  2. It would have been for my adsl line, I just wondered if I could remove the isp router...thanks for the reply @BIG__DOG
  3. If I got this cable would the R2 be able to replace the ip router on my adsl line. I know I can replace the ip router with an openwrt enabled router so I just wondered.
  4. This is mine for you to compare, busy time of day but adjusted via qos.
  5. Also bqm monitor is a good tool to keep an eye on your line and if there is an issue then your isp often accept it as evidence. It is free and gives you a 24 hour graph of your broadband. You need to keep an eye on your ip address because occasionally it changes and you could be looking at someone else's graph. Got caught out myself by that.
  6. It seems normal for Virgin but don't worry about it, I have Virgin fibre and Plusnet adsl, I have used R1, openwrt. I am using XR500 on adsl and R2 and no matter what I try I have good games and bad games. I currently game with the R2 and Virgin and everything is fine. I do use connection bookmark as a guide and listen to the Netduma guys. Anything that seems wrong is more than likely the game more than your isp.
  7. https://forum.netduma.com/topic/23881-ping-plotter-quick-guide/?do=findComment&comment=172780 found it, hope it helps.
  8. That looks exactly the same as the best I can get. I have Virgin as my isp and I guess you do too. With pingplotter on Virgin I have always had difficulty analysing anything as the graph always looks like a mountain range but I have found Twitter to be stable but most people recommend a local site such as the BBC. There is a post on here describing how to use pingplotter by @Zennon which is useful, I think it's in the help section.
  9. I have noticed a small but interesting change in the wifi settings on my build so would love to know what the latest build brings. Also I'm pleased to say my wifi has been fine and has been running all the household devices.
  10. The reason I posted, obviously not very clearly, was to say that I had done the factory resets after installing the firmware but it was only when the R2 wouldn't let me access it that I had to reset with the pinhole button and that made the difference.
  11. After Fraser sent me a new build to improve with the wifi ,it sucked, I reverted to the previous build, it still sucked. From a 550/36 d/u I was getting mid teens for both with wired connection showing full speed. I tried again to see if I was doing something wrong, I upgraded/downgraded a few times then got locked out .I reset via the pinhole and now the wifi speed is in the 150 area, not brilliant but a massive leap. I may try the newer build and reset the same way if I get time. I did factory reset by the soft buttons btw previous to the hard reset via the pinhole reset.
  12. I did that too. Not to worry, at least the XR500 is working. I can't mess around too much as my wife works from home and needs the WiFi to work. I was surprised at the difference though.
  13. Fraser, it was awful. I could only get a small amount of speed from wi fi on my phone and laptop while standing next to the R2, about 3-20 from my 550 broadband. I did a factory reset after installing the firmware too and didn't tamper with anything except turn off ipv6. I've put the XR500 back and all is fine. Connection benchmark test reported the near correct speeds and worked well on the R2. I really wanted to use the adblocker for the home network. I'll wait for the full update now.
  14. I can't get it to change on the XR500 that's one of the reasons I was playing around , no matter where I set the sliders. I know XR500 beta issues should be posted on the Netgear site. I was hoping that the R2 would be updated by now so I can use it for the house but the apparent wi fi issues are stopping me from doing so [unless you could link me to a fix] , I could then start messing with the XR500 and report any issues to Netgear .
  15. I was messing around and found this [see below]. The setup is Virgin router [modem mode} to XR500 for the first pic then Virgin-XR500-R2 for the second pic. The XR500 is obviously beta and the R2 is using build 129. Why is there a difference in the ping under load?
  16. Just had another text to give me delivery date for tomorrow.
  17. Are you using DHL to deliver the R2?... Just had an email from them but without any details.
  18. It's played better for me today because I've followed this. Hit detection has been sweet, still some bs but that's CoD for you.
  19. No but it's not a major problem, it's more of a fyi thing and to back up what the other guy was saying. It's happened a few times now and I reboot and it's back to normal. Thanks for the reply though.
  20. Like I mentioned earlier, I have the same issue, have rebooted three times now, it goes then comes back. Unable to adjust download with slider but upload is normal.
  21. I have the exact same problem, I reboot the router and it goes away. It is odd how it only affects download. Rebooted three times now. I use Sky and it's pppoa I believe.
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