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New to NETDUMA (Just ordered) Black Ops 3 question...

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Hey guys, Shane here, I have just ordered my Netduma so will most likely be back here in a couple of days asking for the best settings to use for Black ops 3.


With regards to BO3, I live in Birmingham, UK and constantly drop to 1 bar (300+ping) then straight back up to 4 bar (30-60 ping) multiple times a game and this makes the game unplayable, I know it is not my connection as this never happens on any other game. After checking network settings on BO3 I found that under "Geographical Region" I was being connected to a server in Coedley, Wales (I guess this will be why my connection fluctuates?) will I be able to block connection to this server once using the Netduma to avoid this issue? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. 

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