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NetDuma and Gears of War UE wireless nightmare

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The issue is simple. My netduma is unusable with gears. To the point where its unplugged and not being used.


If I use my isp router then I have no problems. Basically after a few games using the duma, it disconnects never to return. Usually requires a manual power cycle as it becomes inaccessible via software / browser.


Could you please recommend the perfect wireless settings to avoid this.


I'm using the latest firmware and a multi adaptor plug, 


deep packet: on

ipv6:              off

cookies:        off

work arond :  on

cloud:           both ticked


No filtering, no congestion. Just trying to use the duma wirelessly.


When is the next firmware coming?

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Couple of things, If you're trying to use the Geo-filter with GoW, it's not completely optimised. 


I'd recommend ticking cookies to save settings. 


Try turning wifi workaround off, and finding the least congested channel and using that also.

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