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  1. Hey guys I took the time to put together a video showing what ping assist v2 introduces for server stat nerds like myself.
  2. Ste, for now those settings will only work when joining through a friends lobby, not solo and ONLY on MP..... for Blackout strict needs to be off and the geo region much much larger. Alternatively just play on spectate for now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Something is definitely abnormal about the way things are behaving. With Filtering Mode ON before booting the game I don't seem to find a Blackout Quads lobby on the Xbox One. Then I tried starting the game in spectator then changing to filtered mode, this way I did find a game with my geo restrictions but after that game finished the same issue repeated of not finding a lobby. R1 - Milestone 1.3 - BLOPS 4 - Xbox One
  4. My experience with Milestone 1.3 and the new Blops 4 12GB patch today. When joining a friends lobby everything worked fine, MP/Blackout. MP strict mode on / auto ping on focused solely on the UK. For Blackout I always turn strict off and vastly expand the geo zone to all of Europe. When playing solo I had to turn the geo filter to spectate to get a match in Blackout. Any changes you make require a game restart.
  5. It looks like most of the work is nearly done, just need to capture and output the data!
  6. As someone who has had the R1 for a long time I'm genuinely impressed with the changes to auto ping which now show Tick Rates and Send Rates. After following the debacle that is Black Ops 4 rates, the requirement of a bridged console and deep wireshark knowledge has made this addition to DumaOS a game changer for stat nerds. What I'd like is for the duma to log and offer a graphical output file for the course of the game/match which could be presented in forums or videos from the start of the data capture to the end. Cheers
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