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VM & Netduma


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Hi, i had this working since day one but moved some stuff around


now having my VM box as the main wireless hub


got one cable from the box to the netduma POE


now xbox, tv etc all have internet which are connected to the netduma


but i just cant get on the console anymore, the web, trying to use the ip and just nothing shows



i dont have my VM box in modem mode as need it to be fully running and just want the netduma controlling the xbox thats connected to it


the xbox works fine, just like i said, cant access the netduma url

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Hello there.


So if i understand correctly you have kept the 5 GHZ WiFi on VM?


The device you connect to the duma are xbox tv etc? how they are connected to the duma?


and the device you are using to access duma is connected to duma or VM?

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Yebs cause router is set up to access control panel only for LAN local are connection which means the device had to be directly connected to the router.


If you want to access it from outside WAN wide area connection you have to enable it in settings 


Its called acces controll panel form WAN

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Ok, but before the first setup i had was


VM - Modem mode

Asus R66




and could access everything from the wifi of the asus and r1 had wireless disabled


so how come i could access it all before like that but now i cant as the asus would have been the router same as the VM box

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Well no its just means that vm was in modem mode and asus was access point thats why duma was a router on that network setup there for you could acces it via LAN. If that make sense? No other router in a fornt of r1.

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