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As someone who's only reason for not getting a PS4 is because I hate the controllers and as someone who is very comfortable gaming with a mouse + keyboard I think this is a great move, may even tempt me into buying a PS4 :D

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they had that on the PS3 too with Hori and guess how popular and known it is among gamers

actually there will be a second licenced device soon with splitfish for PS4



aside from that im one of the few people playing with mouse and keyboard on consoles and i really like it

you save tons of money when transitioning over to consoles as no more pricy GPU or other PC hardware upgrades every second year are needed, also you dont face cheater anymore as well as trouble-shooting your games because of weird directX crashes or whatsoever driver-crashes that happen on PC games

console is just plug and play, and shooters are meant to be played with mouse and keyboard and not stupid inaccuracte velocity-based analog-sticks



if anyone is interested in mouse and keyboard on console there is only one choice which is the XIM, other products dont even come close to its results and mouse translation

while XIM isnt officially licenced it cannot be detected by the console as it uses original controllers as passthrough :)

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for the few controller players that thing mouse and keyboard on console is unfair:

its not, its really that simple

its just a different input device for the same game, no game code is broken or anything, similar to arcade sticks in beat-em-ups or steering equipment for racing games


on consoles you have aim assist on sticks, a mouse cannot make much use out of that as the assist is programmed with stick-based movements, a mouse movement is very different to that which is why you barely have aim assist on your mouse on consoles

also the base-accuracy of a pad player with aim assist on console is higher than the base accuracy of a mouse player on PC

thats because while mouse players have the better and faster aim to get on the target, they cannot maintain staying on target very well with the opponent starting to strafe due to human reaction times of 200-300ms, its for most PC players impossible to fully stay on target

the aim assist of pad players though is compensating for this and keeps you on target even if the opponent starts to strafe which is why console players have a better on-target accuracy than mouse players on PC

check BF4 stats or other multiplatform-games with their average stats accross PC and console if you dont believe me, or go test it by yourself



if anything you put yourself on a disadvantage when playing with mouse and keyboard on console opposed to playing with mouse and keyboard on pc (speaking for the average joe mouse player)

it would be unfair if pad players had to play without aim assist against mouse players, then it probably wouldnt be much of a challenge

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Yebs i didnt know that i thought to my self that sony is actualy starting to support m/k. It is just my personal opinion so please dont take it personally.


I never wanted to use m/k on ps4 beacuse i felt like this is not fair that console was made for controllers. All of those xim devices had to use controller connected so they dont get spoted etc.


Now when sony actually officially aproved m/k nad support it to be used on ps4 that trun things around.


Since i jump from pc to ps3 years ago i stuck with controller as i wanted to be fair. Now my bigest weeknes since there was always aim.


When i think of my aim on pc back in the days i am like dude if i only could do that. And now it made me think about it.

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When i think of my aim on pc back in the days i am like dude if i only could do that. And now it made me think about it.


thats the one thing that most people missassume

you play on a console and not on a PC, thats a HUGE difference

it will be nowhere near as close to playing on a PC as you think it will be


consoles are totally different programmed which highly changes how the game plays and moreover runs

see turnstick limitations, general fps drops and low framerate (30fps), more online lag, more game engine lag, ...

also the stuff mentioned above comes into play, pad players with aim assist have a much higher accuracy which means you lose more gunfights on consoles than on PC


while the XIM gives you a true 1:1 mouse translation that you otherwise only have on PC your gaming experience on consoles with mouse and keyboard will be totally different as to what you might be used to from the PC

therefore saying "well on PC i destroy(ed) everyone so with that adapter itll be exactly the same but on consoles" is absolutly wrong

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Sure buddy i didnt destroy everything on pc just simply my accuracy was a lot lot better and i think right now i reach my max of ac on pad. So if i could have that ac form pc.

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