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me again

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hy all again  

I just another ethernet cable one for ps4 and one for my pc

I cant  see the ps4  netduma settings when I try and look at who I am connected to to see pings 

I could yesterday when I was gaming on ps4 and using the ps4 browser but that was getting annoying

so I tried to do it on my pc win 8 but cant for some reason

please help

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Is your PS4 still selected in the Geo-filter/does it show up in device manager? 


If not is there an 'unnamed device' or 'nameless device' that is showing as connected? If so check the IP and go on to the PS4 and check if its the same IP. If so just rename the device on the duma and reselect it on the Geo-filter :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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