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Could anyone make me a simple YouTube Intro?


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Give me a day or so and i will try to make a simple intro for you :), check with the guys if you can have Netduma logo or colours in it and let me know.


Yeah don't see why that would be an issue, you're free to use it, as long as it doesn't look like you're implying you're sponsored by us

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Hey there!



Head over to Fiverr and for $5 USD you can have one made by some actual pros


EDIT: just saw someone said they were on this, I want to be clear I wasn't referring to you not being a pro! SWARE!

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wow, that is just depressing. $5?


for $5 it is normally limited...


like for $5 you get a templeted intro that they reuse and only 5 seconds


for an extra $10 you get X

for an extra $20 you get 1 day delivery


They normally make more than $5 off you, but some of them are just $5.  That's how me and Luke translated the documentation to French, paid someone $5 on there.  for 2000 words it was $5 :)

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great for the client, not a sustainable business though for the freelancer. i would have to do 25 an hour.


I hear you there! I think they are looking to make ~20-50k a year...probably as sidework or just as some extra cash...

I know a lot are musicians or teachers, so this is how they pay for cost of living then they follow their passion...


There are developer services like (i'll fix 1 bug for you for $5...) I would never do that...


It would require me to find 12.5 bugs an hour...to work 40 hours a week...NOT WORTH IT.


But my wife who is a graphic designer does freelance and does fine off it, I have done freelance but my costs are normally over the desired expenses of the customer

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