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Netduma Iain

Development Diary

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.6 firmware is next will fix Device prioritisation issues, will fix Turbo Mode issues some people are facing and will implement a fix for those with PPPoE Congestion Control hiccups.

​.6 will add a feature known as Hyper-Traffic (placing priority first with either XBL or PSN etc...) there will be an addition of profiles, if I understand Iain's tweets correctly, we'll be able to save profiles for games right down to Geo-filter Home placement, radius and KM's/Miles, we'll also be able to share with other Netduma users.

​For the sake of not disappointing anybody the Netduma team seems to be taking a "it will be done when it's done" approach, if people recall .5 had some issues releasing and because it didn't meet the expected ETA people gave the team a hard time, what also needs to be understood is Netduma's Iain is one man, he works on the firmware alone, after its completion it's set for testing after it passes the tests with the canary beta testers then we'll get our hands on this awesome piece of code. :)

​I'm hoping for late Jan, I could be wrong though, I'm just a consumer and fan who is following Iain's every tweet about the new firmware.


Can somebody break down to me how "Hyper-Traffic" will work ( even in technical terms ) and how it will be beneficial for online gaming ( if at all )  :)





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