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Game Optimiser DumaOS not working

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Gday All,

Having trouble even getting to DumaOS. It keeps coming up with this error message:

Error: The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this Router App.

I seem to have trouble with it a fair bit especially the Network Monitoring of my wifi.

Any solutions or recommendations?

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Thanks for posting!

Where in DumaOS are you seeing this error, is it after performing a particular action? You mention Network Monitor, are you seeing it simply when navigating there or performing a particular action there?

Sometimes we'll see this error when trying to 'Resync cloud' from Ping Heatmap, Geo-filter, Adblocker etc. Normally it's just referring to that specific operation taking longer than it would normally, but it's not anything to worry about as the operation will have succeeded.

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