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R2 Connection Benchmark Help


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Hi All,

            I have a 100mbs download and 40mbs upload speed plan and when gaming 70/70 feels a little sluggish so I have been experimenting with the Connection Benchmark to try and find my best results for Xbox Series X multiplayer gaming. 

This is 30/10 result,


This is 35/10,


This is 40/10,


This is 50/10,


Just curious to see which one @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Alex @Netduma Admin you think is best for me to use, and why?

Kind Regards,


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According to the results, 40/10 appears to be the best configuration. Though to be fair they're all very good, but Connection Benchmark can only tell us so much. I think the thing to do now is to test each configuration for a couple games on the xbox and see which feels best in-game!

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