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This kind of behavior kills the "ping assist" feature


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Hi forum, 

I am from Costa Rica and my best ping to Warzone servers is 55-65ms, I was using only the "ping assist" feature, setting it to 65ms and sometimes it takes me so long time to find a server/lobby because the ping on Netduma bounces from 44ms to 70ms (the same server) although my connection is very stable (Optic fiber), please take a look the image attached to Google DNS server:


Today I noticed that you updated the "ping heatmap" database, so for this reason, I tried to use the polygon and I enclose the state of Florida and Washington (because this is where is the Matchmaking server with 44ms - 55ms) take a look the ping heatmap image:




And please take a look at the video attached, Netduma says that the ping to that server is 81ms but the ping on the game is 55ms - 65ms, could you explain why? This kind of behavior kills the "ping assist" feature in my case it would be perfect because regardless of where it is located the server, my priority is the "latency".

It would be nice that we have the option to "move" "relocate" geographically speaking the best servers of our favorite game (in my case Warzone) and don't depend on updates because I know it's hard to ubicate all the servers correctly for example if you see there are a lot of servers in Washington and for sure the is located in FL.


As always, thank you for your help.

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That's odd, the Ping Heatmap ping does show the same ping as the Geo-Filter. How many icons were on the map at the time? May be that it was pinging a different server by mistake. Yes that would be a great addition, I think we're focusing on tools to actually make it more automatic and accurate so no one has to do it.

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