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Geofilter | Blocking PIA VPN | Port 8080


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I received a new XR1000 router and have completed the basic configuration. 

I'm having issues with the Geofilter in Polygon mode.

  • Gaming PC added with service 'Call of Duty'. 
  • Polygon drawn around desired country. 
  • Filtering mode enabled. 
  • Ping assist set to zero (disabled). 

My PIA VPN won't connect to any servers. It defaults to 8080 and then tries alternate ports. It eventually 'connects', but isn't actually connected - my external IP address remains the same. 

Does the Call of Duty geofilter service restrict connections on port 8080? 


** Edit ** 

If I add the VPN country to the geofilter, then it will connect the VPN. This suggests, that the 'CoD filter service' is impacting non CoD traffic. Shouldn't it just be applied to traffic between my gaming device and the CoD servers? 

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1 minute ago, chatmandu said:

Yes it does. 

Sure, so what country are you VPNing to and what country is your Polygon around? 

It's probably worth noting that routing your gaming traffic through a VPN will likely add some additional latency, you'd probably find a better in-game experience without VPNing this traffic.

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I've just been testing out the settings. There were suggestions online that streamers connect to Kenyan and Egyptian servers for easy lobbies. 

I set my Geofencing to Kenya and my VPN to Egypt. The VPN wouldn't connect. I then added Egypt to the geofencing and the VPN would connect. 

Is it necessary to VPN to a local area to get into that area's servers? 

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