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Connection Benchmark

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Hi All, 

just switched from R2 to XR500 with the latest Beta firmware .  I have a bit of an issue with the connection benchmark ,  with QOS @ 5% UL and DL on the R2 ( set to always ) when the test runs the UL ping under load is is around 19 which matches my ping test and gives me A+ ... now on the XR500 UL ping  is all over the place minimum 70-100 ms giving me grade C ... both routers were set up exactly the same ... any ideas ?

Much appreciated  

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19 hours ago, BL4CK OPS V3TRN said:

No it made no difference but thanks for the suggestion , auto ping does not seem to be working either 

What isn't working about Auto Ping?

If you change the Congestion Control sliders to any values do you see the Ping Test Under Load results change at all?

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43 minutes ago, BL4CK OPS V3TRN said:

Sorry Fraser I have been tied up ,  I have now switched back to the R2 so we can close this now . The OS is much better on the R2 in my opinion and the wireless glitches are also there in the Xr500 so no benefit when I switched over .

No worries, if you have any further queries just give us a shout.

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