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Question about QoS

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Here are my QoS settings. What I would like to know is if my ps4 data are being prioritized. 





Bandwidth is enough, as i never have more than two devices online at the same time. 

Thank you for your time in advance!


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This is the intended behaviour.

By limiting the bandwidth like this, you are shifting the traffic queue from an upstream router to the R2. This means that the R2 can then manipulate this traffic and decide which traffic should take priority, in this case your Playstation. Hence why you reported that you didn't notice any lag in game, because we are aiming for consistently low latency and not necessarily the highest speeds.

The trick is to limit the bandwidth to the point where your R2 is still in control of the Traffic, but other devices that aren't being prioritised aren't suffering poor/unusable speeds.

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43 minutes ago, GiorgosTT said:

Thank you Liam!

If i set my bar to 50%, all my devices get 25 mbps download, 2,5 mbps upload according to the speedlab speed test. I guess i will keep it this way. 

No problem.

It's something you can play with over time and fine tune to your needs! As long as you getting a good connection in game without damaging the experience of other devices on the network, you're good!

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