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  1. I'm on ps4. Well I've done the steps you need to add a console. Add device, I select ps4, then i selected FIFA but i also tried it in manual. Then i drew my polygons.
  2. Already tried that. Makes no difference. The thing is i shouldn't be getting anywhere near those remote servers. The issue happens only when the geo filter is on and only in friendlies. If i turn the filter off, I'm getting matched only in one of the servers close to my location. Unfortunately, Italian and Dutch servers, make my game unplayable. I can only use the German server. As I told you i have no idea if it is a router or EA issue, I'm just reporting that this issue exists. Other FIFA game modes work perfectly.
  3. My location is Eastern Europe and the game tries to connect me across the Ocean. This happens only when i try to play a friendly game. Eventually, i will get an opponent in the server i want but can take up to 15 minutes. Please look into this.
  4. Merry Christmas! I'm going to right my experience with the Netduma R2 and FIFA 21. You can read in rough edges how the matchmaking system works here. The problem i had before getting the R2, was that three servers have almost the same ping (54 to 56) so the game would randomly connect to Netherlands, Italy (both bad laggy servers) or Germany (the one that works best). R2 has eliminated this issue and i only connect to the German server. The issue using R2 is that when i try to play a friendly game, i get randomly connected to servers all around the world. Geo filter blocks those games but i shouldn't be getting connected to those servers at first place. I honestly have no idea if this is an EA issue or an R2 issue. Please look into it, as the R2 is very popular among the FIFA community. Thank you!
  5. The problem you mention, happens to me only in friendlies. I really don't have a logical explanation for this. Keep in mind that i am an amateur player, trying to help the Netduma team. I'm not a program developer or anything.
  6. Goodmorning @Netduma FraserFraser! Merry Christmas! This is the IP of the German FIFA 21 server located in Frankfurt. This is the IP of FIFA 21 server located in London. I'll upload Milan and Paris as soon as i get a game there.
  7. Well the problem is that they appear for a blink of an eye. Impossible to do something like that. They are the same locations as FIFA 20, EA probably changed the IP addresses to make our life hard....
  8. Ok here's the what happens. When you get the message that you connect to EA servers after you start the game, the game pings all available servers and connects to the one that responds first. In order to connect to the German server, put Germany in your polygon. I guess you've done all this, so far so good. Now when you try to get into a game, EA looks for an opponent close to your skill rating. But if an opponent is not available in the server you are connected to, it tries to connect you to a nearby server. If the filter works properly, you must get a message that opponent has left the game. This way the filter protects you from playing in a remote server with bad gameplay responsiveness. In rivals and FUT champions, i always find an opponent in Germany. But when i try to play friendlies, it's harder, so the game tries to connect me to France or Netherlands. My filter blocks those games and i search for an opponent again. If you want to turn the filter off, make sure you restart your console.
  9. I can get you the one from Frankfurt and Milan. The others are too far away from my location to connect to them.
  10. Are you trying to play a friendly, rivals or fut champions?
  11. @Netduma LiamLiam Ping heat map in FIFA 21, shows only the server located in Amsterdam. Dublin, London, Stockholm, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan do not appear. This doesn't affect the game though, filter works as it used to.
  12. Thank you Liam! If i set my bar to 50%, all my devices get 25 mbps download, 2,5 mbps upload according to the speedlab speed test. I guess i will keep it this way.
  13. It was slower during the console speed test. I didn't notice any difference in game.
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