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  1. That's exactly what I've been thinking too. Every device connected to R2, never ever had any issue. What is more weird is that my upload speed is ok. Only download seems to suffer. And it's not stable, i mean during the test it goes up and down, while the upload speed is stable. Anyway, if you come up with something else, let me know and I'll test it. Thank you for your time and support!
  2. Mirror mode is disabled and i connect to the 2.4 Ghz network. Network card can't connect 5 GHz networks.
  3. Goodmorning! Tried what you said early morning and doesn't work.
  4. Nothing changed, unfortunately....
  5. Exactly the same, nothing has changed.
  6. I've already done this. I have a realtek network card. The thing is that the laptop works on every other router but the Netduma. Drivers etc are fine, I've checked them many times.
  7. I get exactly the same results. Every other device is working great.
  8. My normal speed is 17 Mbps download, 2 mbps upload. In the laptop, i get 0.5 download, 1.2 upload. I deleted the device, reconnected but nothing changed, problem remains.
  9. Benchmark test in duma OS, shows the full speed of my connection. https://speed.measurementlab.net/#/ This is online speed test shows 0.5 Mpbs. Also web sites are loading extremely slowly. Laptop is connected using 2.4 GHz. Network card can't connect to 5Ghz network.
  10. I disabled the QoS completely and still my soeed is low. I even updated my firmware to 3.0.205. still no good. Any other suggestions?
  11. Ok sir, I'll try this and I'll let you know. Thank you very much!
  12. Laptop is connected via wi fi. I've tried all available channels but nothing seems to work. Besides i libe in a remote area so there is only my network running around. In order to disable QoS, I entered the Duma OS menu and selected "never" in the QoS menu. Can you show me a picture of the three line menu? Keep in mind that I'm on the previous Firmware, so i may not have it.
  13. I've been facing a similar issue lately and i would like some help. 2 mobile phones, one console get max speed while in wifi connection. Laptop hardly gets 0.7 mbps. I tested it on a different router and works fine, so no hardware or software issue. I've tried disabling add blocker, QoS but nothing changed. I have separated the 2.4 and 5 Ghz channels. I'm running on 3.0.279 firmware, which has been absolutely stable for me since i bought the router. @Newfie, @Netduma Liam Any help will be appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  14. Hello! I'm facing an issue with my r2. I can't connect to league of legends server. No filter applied at all. Everything else is working fine. Please help me. Add blocker off doesn't work either.
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