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Clips - Newest uptop


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Hello all,

Will consolidate all clips/game play here.

Live Stream


Vault Classic BO2 - 27Oct13


Lag Comp? - 29Feb16


Uber dip move - 24Feb16



I loathe safeguard but once in a while...- 17Feb16



Why you mad tho? Odd glitch/lobby midway - 02Feb16


TDM nuke drop - 28Jan16


Shots, shots, shots! - 28Jan16


Crazy BO3 glitch - 01DEC15


Pistola - 29Nov15


Fist of fury? - 21Nov15


R1 1.03.5 Update - 18Nov15


VMP is okay I guess - 09Nov15


Pistol & Shotty - 07Nov15

BO3 Opening night - 05Nov15

Brutal! - 24Oct15

Good start? - AW 10Oct15

1 V 6, why not - AW 13Sep15

Guardians of the Galaxy - BO3 24Aug5

That's how you start a game - 02Sep15

Let's take a dip - 27Aug15 BO3 Beta

33-2 & 31-0 Helltstorms Galore 19Aug15

34-7 That teleport tho...19Aug15

Laser Tag 16Aug15
Shooooootgun 16Aug15

The hitlist. Compilations from last night's tdm matches 15Aug15

Lukasz inspired Free For All 2 matches. 14AUG15
Only played about 7 matches of FFA since the game has been out. This game mode is pretty crazy due to spawn points and how quick you can reach a player especially w/o a silencer. Seriously, no flex zone B)

I'd like to reload please... Free For All edition - 14Aug15

Back 2 Back FTW - 14Aug15
Couple of good gun stretches w/ weapon stats between games. You can also hear raging in the background lol

DNA with no kills - 11Aug15
Errrbody started leaving the lobby =(

Whew- 10Aug15

Sneaky silencers - 10Aug15

LMAO, Advanced Warfare at it's finest - 10Aug15

MW3 "Trololololcopter" - The Vault, old gameplay

Black Ops, hacker introduction - The Vault old gameplay

Close match until... - 20Jul15

Dropping bombs - 18Jul15

Spider sense is tingling... 17Jul15

Peekaboo - 15Jul15

TDM with the crew - 14Jul15 -1080p 60fps goodness :ph34r: Forgot I was capturing footage so didn't have commentary lol

Spawn Point - 14Jul15

Into the Fray - 28Jun15
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sorry it doesnt work


here is what i get


Uh oh... that shouldn't have happened. It appears you've found a glitch in the system. Please try again later.
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Thanks for the update Lukasz, used the "link" button, give a try again please :)



sorry it doesnt work


here is what i get


Uh oh... that shouldn't have happened. It appears you've found a glitch in the system. Please try again later.


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Thanks guys!  I played for a good 3+hours yesterday and was able to capture some footage with El Gato but haven't got a chance to view it yet since it was processing.  Will try to put up a full game play when I get home tonight.




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I login via desktop to xbox.com -> profile -> select clip -> copy url.  Quality definitely seems much better.


I've used my android "request desktop site" as well to do the same thing.

Wait a minute how do I post a link like tgat from my xbox one?I allways use one drive but quality is terrible

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