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Calling ALL Blackout players?!!

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Anyone with the XR500 ( I put my R1 on the shelf a few months ago). Just curious do you guys get melted easy with level 3 and a trauma on? Do you go to the end when it feels like a smooth connection for the game and all of sudden just get an ista-death or ghosting bullets or massive sponging? I have literally tried everything to get this game to play better or just a little more consistency. I opened ports put my console in the dmz, etc. I still enjoy the stupid game but I would like to win a little more. Me being close to a 2kd player (in multi since MW2) shouldn't be losing the gunfights that I do. I swear when I get into close range fights I can see the lag me dropping frames and my bullets either ghosting or sponging and if not that then I die before I can even jump out of the way and fight back. Just curious if you have success with the XR500 or R1 and what you did. I have spectrum 200 down / 10 up. And if anyone has tried the wireshark thing with blackout at all. Be curious to see that as well. I notice in a lot of lobbies my recieve rate is literally through the roof and send rate is low if that means anything. Been on ping plotter several times for hours and have a stable base ping 17ish-20ms with a jitter of roughly 8ms. But when interpreted to servers its different when you watch the in game graph. I watch the streamers and they have some games like me (and I'm like yeah I've seen that before) but they still get good lobbies more than I do. Any suggestions or things you did please do share! Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving! Peace and cheers!

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