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  1. Hi guys so i seem to be having trouble with a few things for my son have been IP banned gaming wise vpn's are not an option as the games detect hes using a vpn .. is there a way to change the ip address i have im not very clued up on networking so help would be greatful .. i have my virgin media hub 3 in modem mode so my main router is the xr300 is there anything i can change in settings or adcanced settings ? Thank you in advanced
  2. Hi guys abit of help needed .. when i boot my pc up should i have the router in filtering mode before booting up the game for it to work also when i have the router in filtering mode on pc i can not get a game on warzone i had to add my pc as a console for call of duty as there is no option to add my pc for cod .. i live in the uk and know there is dedicated server in london for cod .. how do i add my pc to the geo filter for playing warzone and any game for that matter it doesnt seem to work for me
  3. Can i load up the game in spectating mode then once im at the home screen where my locker and item shop is etc etc turn the geo filter to filtering mode would it work like that ?
  4. right when i boot up my ps4 my geo filter is always enabled very rarely do i put it in spectating mode when i load up fortnite it tried logging in but will bever login it just loads for ages and ages as soon as i put my geo filter into spectating mode it logs me in .. when should i enable geo filter to play fortnite on the london server ? I dont get it i thought geo filter should be in filtering mode before booting up a game thats what i do with bo4 and MW but fort ite wont login unless its in spectating mode
  5. Im a 3kd blackout player from uk and this happens to me all the time paladin headshots ghosting getting rinsed at close range .. i think its all down to the geo filter i have mine set only around the uk when ever i turn it on i play on a 20ms connection in london in game thats about 40ms 35ms but i get melted FAST when ever i turn the geo filter off tye game plays smooth and i win almost every gun fight without trying .. i honestly think this geo filter is a pile of shit to be honest
  6. Is anyone else expiriencing problems with warzone connection my geo filter is set only around the uk i know theres a dedicated server in london for MW but when im in game on warzone the in game ping is up at 80-100ms im also getting beat to the shot everytime i shoot first and die first this geo filter doesnt even seem to work ive had more problems with it even in bo4 i had a great connection but always seem to shoot first die first situation when ever the geo filter is on but i can not understand in warzone why in game it shows 80-100ms ping when i live 4 hours away from a dedicated server i should be on 30ms ping in warzone like i do in multiplayer
  7. Hi guys i need help with my xr300 alot of things are showing as "NIL" in my geo filter for instance where is should say ping assist it is showing as "NIL" .. is there a dedicated server in london for bo4 if so i am never ever seeing it on my geo filter map or never get connected to a dedicated server in the uk at all i have my distance covering the uk only and i only get connected to peer .. another problem is i am getting alot of shots that do not register the hit detection is poor especially when sniping does anyone reccomend anything to get better hit detection ? I have a moderate nat type also no matter what i do to get an open nat it either changes to strict or moderate never open .. i have the virgin hub 3.0 and my xr300 is connected to my virgin hub to get the interent
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