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new analysis horrible tickrate mw origin


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A new analysis of the tickrate by battlenonsense https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo3Bh69xmoQ reveal the netcode problem.

No real full dedicated server, just sh*t hybrid, if the game are hosted by a dedicated server the tickrate is +60Hz.

But if a player host the game the tickrate is 12hz (no joke).

If you have a bullshit on your game the problem is the hosting.


What are the plans of the Netduma team to try to overcome this problem? :( 

Maybe it's possible to auto block the hosting with player ?


Thanks !



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It doesn’t happen very often actually.


whenever I see peer Its just a dedicated server misinterpreted by DumaOS.


Only once have I seen a true p2p game, playing against some Arabs on 300ms LOL.

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If it's the case that it does use servers and P2P then you should still be able to use the Geo-Filter to filter out bad hosts/further away hosts. If it does use P2P then Ping Assist may be the best choice to limit hosts to those under the limit that you set.

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