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  1. from Friday night and on the weekend we have a lot of game for players in France
  2. Hello, A new analysis of the tickrate by battlenonsense https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo3Bh69xmoQ reveal the netcode problem. No real full dedicated server, just sh*t hybrid, if the game are hosted by a dedicated server the tickrate is +60Hz. But if a player host the game the tickrate is 12hz (no joke). If you have a bullshit on your game the problem is the hosting. What are the plans of the Netduma team to try to overcome this problem? Maybe it's possible to auto block the hosting with player ? Thanks !
  3. Hi, Thanks for you response. Yes i see the XR500 doesn't have a 10 gbps port, but i suppose the restriction is same for the XR700 and I plan to migrate to the XR700 After I do not know if the QOS will be useful.
  4. Hello, In the settings it is impossible to put above 1000 mbits, except now in France we have operators that offers 10Gbps. Can you update the limit? Thanks
  5. Hello, It's possible to add a Call Of Duty profil on the QOS Priority ? Thanks
  6. merci pour ta réponse. Que veut-eu dire par "l'ont'" ? Ha, quel dommage, je ne peux rien faire sans QOS jai +30 périphériques sur mon réseau.. PS : j'ai la livebox v4 (fibre) (If you prefer i speak english)
  7. Bonjour, Je ne suis pas sur de comprendre, comment utiliser le routeur comme modem si le XR500 na pas de port fibre ?
  8. @Netduma Admin I did not use VPN, the option was enabled by default
  9. Thanks all for your reponse. @Netduma Admin Yes, the update is done automatically. I have on my network a lot of material including: 3 xbox one 2 ps4 1 NAS qnap 1 Plex Server 6 smartphones 1 shadow 3 desktop and 3 laptop. And more. After the update I realized that the connection to the outside did not work anymore, so I restarted the router and everything was ok. This morning the network was not working again, I restarted the router and it still did not work. I did not have time to look at the problem because I went to work, I could only watch tonight. I have an old backup file for my configuration if needed, but I would like to avoid resetting everything because I have set a lot of network parameters (for the QOS, fixed ip, and more). I'm going to follow @Killhippie advice, but I'm not sure I understood when you said to relaunch the internet assistant?
  10. Hello Team, It's possible to roll back to the old firmware ? The update is done automatically at home and my network does not work externally. If I restart it works a few minutes then does not work again, I have this problem since the maj is done yesterday: / Only my local network works, it is very problematic because I have a file server / NAS on my network with a lot of service on it :/ Thanks you
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