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  1. Wow, thanks for the information. XR500 and XR700 have the same vulnerability or not ?
  2. @Netduma Fraser Le port SFP+ du XR700 support le 10Gbps ? Si c'est le cas ce serait intéressant de pouvoir exploiter 1gbps dédié par port ethernet du netduma. - The SFP+ on the XR700 support the 10gbps ? If this its ok it would be interesting to be able to use 1gbps dedicated by ethernet port of the netduma.
  3. Hi, I'm fine staying more than 20 seconds press the button It is for this that I reset via the web interface afterwards. It is unfortunately impossible for me to reset without importing my configuration. I work from my home and I have several servers etc (+25 peripherals connect), I have more than 40 open ports, ip fix and more. During my migration from XR500 to XR700 I spent 2 hours putting everything back in because it was impossible to import the config ... I cannot cut my network for so long time without being sure that the problem will be resolved. For the moment the problem has not returned, I will keep you informed if it returns Thanks for the support !
  4. the reset with the button doesnt work. At the 1st reset it just rebooted. At the 2nd reset the router was inaccessible, I restarted it and my configuration had not changed but the nas worked So I reset via the web interface then I restore my configuration. I will see if the problem comes back after or not
  5. J'ai déjà remonté le problème pour la QOS, pas de new pour le moment
  6. Yes I was I had not seen the option I configure a ntp FR and it's good thanks you
  7. Hello, My router is not on time, can I change this setting somewhere? (Sorry if it is an easily modifiable parameter I did not find) If the time is incorrect, what impact does this have on my router? Regards
  8. Hello @Netduma Fraser thanks for you quick support. If I save my netduma configuration before the reset, are my fixed ips, open port and QOS parameter all included in the configuration backup file?
  9. Hello, It seems to me that there is a known problem with dumaos for dhcp. I never had a problem with my XR500, but since I switched to the XR700 I have had DHCP problems. DHCP no longer works, I have to restart my router on average twice a week. It is really problematic for me I am teleworking and I am a system admin, I have an important infrastructure at home which I use for my work. I have ~ 25 connected devices, it is really problematic to cut my production without notice because my mobiles and laptops no longer have dhcp, I cannot fix ips for all my devices. Is there a fix for this problem? I can't wait for Duma OS 3 to fix this problem, the release date is too uncertain ... Regards Santa
  10. Merci pour votre réponse @ Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser yes
  11. Hello Is a "firewall" interface provided in Duma v3? The XR500 and XR700 are powerful routers for small businesses. It would be nice to have a view on the attack attempts, block ips (or whole countries), ... It seems to me that the XR are equipped with anti-ddos technologies, but we have no view on the attacks Thanks !
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