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  1. HI @Netduma Fraseri have another question, the vpn option is working on the beta ? Because i want use the vpn for xbox
  2. Ok thanks I will wait for the next version of the beta XR700, I am following the news feed on the netgear forum and there are still too many small problems for the moment. Soon I hope that we will have the firmware in final version 🤩
  3. Hi Frazer, the auto remove for the old device on the DHCP il available on the DumaOS Beta 3 for XR700 ?
  4. The XR500 still doesn't have a final version for DumaOS 3? It's been 7 months since the 1st wave of beta was opened ... And the beta for the XR700 which has only been available for a few days, the final version will be available in 2022 ....
  5. I have this configuration on my XR700, but I'm not sure it's really effective, especially with the last cod..
  6. Hello, When will Call of Duty be in the list of traffic prioritization profiles? Making rules for each port is annoying, even more so if you are multiple players in your home, on multiple devices. Is this planned on DumaOS 3?
  7. @Chaiyoabc ???? @Dyson350 here https://portforward.com/call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war/
  8. Hello, It would be good to have the status of the game servers (Xbox Live, PSN, Blizzard, ...) from the router. For example with the downdetector API? Thanks
  9. @ BadBill_UK Hello, I can't see the update on the netgear website, do you have a link?
  10. @Netduma Fraser it's a shame to have its restrictions. When the news on DumaOS 3 with the rappstore was published it was not indicated that its options would be restricted depending on the model. Too bad that NetDuma does not offer its own DumasOS 3 router with SFP + connectivity, I would have to switch directly to your place to avoid these constraints ...
  11. Hi @Netduma Fraser the R-app store is not the same store for all DumaOS 3 routeur ? Netgear must firt validate each application on the store ?
  12. No now for the beta on XR700 ? it's long ..
  13. If i disable the option the sfp+ port is disabled ? its compliclated for me to migrate all my nas/server linked to my SFP+ Switch on ethernet (For information on my sfp+ switch the MTU is configured to 9000, but on my netduma i dont have change MTU parameter)
  14. for information i have a switch MikroTik CRS309-1G-8S+IN connect to the SFP+ port on my XR700. Its for my 2 nas and my esxi server, I don't know if it can be linked to the problem
  15. @Netduma Fraser i dont have try but if the reboot of the netduma router fix the problem I think that the problem does not come from the box of my ISP But if you want i can try. Im not sure, for the modem/bridge mode, i have the Orange box (France), actually my Orange routeur have the DHCP disable, the IP of my XR700 fixed, the XR700 is in DMZ.
  16. I have use the google test, but i have try with speedtest.net and its same After reboot my speedtest have the good result (~900mbits)
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