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Games night

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OK yall, I was just thinking of my best gaming times and to be fair they have all been whilst playing private matches, ffa tdm dom whatever and so was maybe thinking that if a few people fancied it we could maybe organise a weekly games night. Thursday evening or something.

nine till midnight or whatever. Meet up and up to 6 players play public lobbies and as soon as any more turn up play some private matches. (or private from the off)

It doesnt have to be anything serious or competative (yeah right) lol.

Just a bunch of people meeting up to blow the crap out of each other.

We could play different game modes to accomodate everybody etc and just generally have a laugh for a few hours each week with no strings or comittment other than having a laugh.

1 group for xbox and 1 for PS.

It wont mean that any of us are married to anybody else it's just a bit of a blast and a laugh once a week. Following on from the ffa competition I think it might just work.

The lag aspect wont matter that much as its just for a bit of fun plus I might get to hear how some of you wierdo's sound.

Nothing too organised pick a game and a host and join, we can decide on different modes etc once in a lobby and I promise to never ever ever make it headshots only. ;)

Just a thought of which at my age I dont have too many.

This also means that players like myself that are not so hot can get tips etc and play with better players without messing up the better players stats.

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