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Question about using the R1 behind another Router.


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Looking for some advice on this before I jump into it and waste time.  I have the R1 running the DumaOS.  My home network has outgrown using the R1 as my main router.  In the past I had another router as an access point for wifi but it was a pain in the butt if say the R1 rebooted on it's own it wouldn't sync back up and wifi would be down.

Ok so right now I'm using another Netgear router as my main running WRT.  It solves all my home network needs.  However I still want to use the Geo filter on the Netduma for my PS4 and Xbox One.   So I'm looking to go....


PS4/Xbox1 --> Netduma -->Netgear Router --> Modem.   

Now I've read on here I need to put the R1 into the DMZ of the Netgear.  So my first question is that IP will be the one my Netgear assigns the R1 correct?

Next question.  Port Forwarding the PS4/Xbox do I still have to do it since the Netduma is in the DMZ?  If so do I port forward on the R1 or on the Netgear?  


Thanks in advance for any help with my questions.

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To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, so look in the Device Manager (previous firmware) or System Information (DumaOS) on the R1 to find the WAN IP i.e. the one the Netgear has given it and put that IP in the DMZ. Do NOT use the LAN IP i.e. the IP you use to access the R1 interface as it wouldn't work.
  2. Yes you would if port forwarding was required if you don't get an Open NAT simply by using UPnP on the R1. The devices are connected to the R1 so that's what you port forward on if needed. The Netgear can only see the R1 and any devices connected to the R1 as a singular device - the R1.
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Ok all went well. I ran this setup from Friday until today.   However I think I'm better off having the R1 as my main and just use my other router as an access point for wifi and deal with those issues I was having with wifi as they come up.

The anti bufferbloat and device management on the R1 is more reliable than WRT setup I was using.  


Thanks again for help.

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