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Device Manager - Inaccuracies / Bugs?

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I love the Device Manager on XR500 but I have a couple of issues with it – nothing major, just minor irritations.

In my XR500 Device Manager, I have:
Router >> WAN >> Modem

Surely this should be:
Router >> Modem >> WAN?

Am I missing something obvious here, or is this an error?

I have a Nighthawk X4S D7800 router configured as a wireless bridge in the spare bedroom. The connection to the bridge is rock solid and all devices connected to it are accessible through the XR500. I can ping the devices and use them as though they were connected directly to the XR500.

However, even though they are accessible, they all appear offline in the XR500 Device Manager. Is there any way to make these accurately show up as being online?

Thank you.

P.S. In this image, Sonoff RF, PA - Living Room, PA - Kitchen are actually offline but NVR, Cam2, Desktop-Server and MyCloudPR2100 are all online and pingable. For this tree view to be accurate, they would branch out from the Nighthawk X in the 5GHz devices.


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Technically from the routers perspective the modem is on the WAN side of the router not the LAN. While the router would be on the modems LAN if that makes sense. So I get what you're saying but from the router perspective it is accurate.

Do the devices connected to the bridge ever show as online? If you reboot the router do they show as offline? While technically they should be behind the X4S we haven't added that capability. Mostly because it would be hard to tell as well as the X4S is acting as an extension of the WiFi but the XR500 is still providing IP addresses to the devices through DHCP.

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Hi Netduma Fraser,

Thanks for your reply.

To my knowledge, none of the devices connected to the X4S bridge have ever shown as being online within the Device Manager. This is despite those devices being pingable and their web GUI’s being accessible through the XR500.

If I reboot the XR500 router the devices connected to the X4S still appear offline.

Because I have quite a few devices connected to my router, I have the XR500 assign static IP’s to most of them so I can keep track of things.

For example, I have the XR500 assign a static IP of to my Desktop-Server PC’s MAC address which is connected to the X4S bridge. The XR500 successfully assigns the static IP to this PC, and the PC is fully accessible via Remote Desktop.

Basically, everything works perfectly but the XR500 fails to display the correct online status of devices connected to the bridge, even though those devices have been successfully issued with static IP’s, and those devices being accessible through the router.

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In that case if they're not showing online after a reboot then it is an issue that we're aware of. If you downgrade to either .40 or .32 then they will appear online. Though if it just appears to be visual in nature and settings still apply to these devices correctly then I would suggest staying on this firmware for the security fixes.

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