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Packet loss on PS4 but not on PC


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Thanks for the welcome and reply!

The packet loss is not constant it will spike to 2 or 4% briefly. 

The PS4 is not doing any downloads.

Yes the games network setting shows packet loss%. 

I have also tried changing the Ethernet cable and that didn't fix it.


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As @dpk_ydv suggests, the problem might be on the server's end. If your local connection appears to be fine on pingplotter, it suggests the problem is somewhere else.

The only case in which this might not be true is if there's some prioritized traffic messing with the results. For example, if the computer that you did the pingplotter tests on was prioritized and the PS4 was not, but I doubt that's the case.

The annoying element is that the game doesn't tell you which end the packets are lost. If they're lost as you send them, it's the server that's dropping them, whereas if your router is dropping them, it's a local problem.

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Can be in the ISP network.


ICMP ping and UDP gaming don't carry the same priority level.


Generally when a part of the connection to the server suffers high load or or overcongestion, the first thing a ISP will do is start dumping UDP packets. That is because UDP is a one way stream and doesn't get resend. In TCP the sender needs a ACK packet otherwise it will keep on sending the same packet over and over. So they drop UDP first since dropping TCP will only lead to more overcongestion.

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