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best settings for bo4


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On 10/12/2019 at 12:05 PM, coreyreilmann said:

i would like to know if anyone has some good settings  for the midwest usa ive been trying a little bit of everything but cant seem to find that sweet spot. thanks in advance


I would probably disable ping assist and find the servers you have the best gameplay on on put your radius around it or them. As for your qos settings you'll have to go on pingplotter and start at 70/70 and work from there up or down. I live in the midwest and (MN) and I have mine at 52down/60 up. Everyone is different depending on your speeds and where you live etc. You could also try to open up all the ports to the game as well. Some stuff works for some ppl and some don't. There is no magic to any of it cause it is cod and your only as good as your connections to the servers. Good luck!

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