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Crazy question.

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I've yet to purchase an Xr500 or whatever kinda router you guys all use and love..


If I bought one, and started using the geofilter, being in southern california, and using only the servers within 100 miles, or 1 state over whatever is CLOSEST..

wouldn't I be matched up with players who are also using geofiltering and chances are they are using these expensive routers as well, and as a result of all this..

wouldn't I, in turn get melted and destroyed as I currently do, without all these fancy router settings and devices?

As of right now on every single call of duty since Black Ops 3 I've been experiencing shoot first die first. I land 3-4 bullets on them, and they magically have the time to locate me, aim over me, and spray me and still land the kill, whilst getting shot at.

EXCEPT however, modern warfare remastered (cod4) which is extremely weird for me, but that's besides the point..


wouldn't being in a lobby full of Xr500 users with all these fancy settings, kinda just balance my situation out, and still get the same problems as I do without this fancy router?

because all these people are obviously (used to be) victims of lag comp and connection issues, hence why they bought the xr500?

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

I think the amount of people who play the game is quite a lot more than those that play and have the router so I wouldn't think this is likely. If that was the case then you'd all have a great ping to the server and therefore it would be much fairer than say playing against someone with a much higher ping. Realistically though you're unlikely to encounter many people with the router while playing. Also because they have multiple servers in the same location which makes it even less likely.

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