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  1. hi everyone is it best for me to play modern warfare in 1440p 120 hz or 1o80p 60 hz on my xbox x what would you recomend also if the game plays in 30hz or whatever it does what benefits do i get playing in 120 hz thanks for any info on this matter
  2. i was the same as you guys before i got my netduma the only way i can play this cod is by giving it not a lot of speed now im killing again the routers give you so many options to do to make things a better experience for yourself as icant do nothing in my providers sky router apart from port forwarding and dmz etc i can only talk from what ive found and its unplayable for me plugged straight into providers router
  3. hi yea its just this game it really has been that bad for me ive had a duma router right from the start and it always has helped me i normally have everything set up and no problems as i havent been on here for a while and forgot my original sign in lol the good thing about this router is you can do so many things to it etc i have suppressed my connection to 6.58 down and 3.28 up and ive got to tell you it has improved for me after doing this ive played for 3 hours like this had a 18 for 2 and 3 or 4 choppers and i play search and destroy so hopefully it will continue because like i said this game was awfull for me like shooting people in the back only to turn and drop me now im doing this im not changing anything on my settings thanks for replying and thank god for the netduma
  4. i am having a hoeeibble time on this game i play search and destroy im always around 160 kd in all cod games sogood enough to enjoy them normally this game i cant shoot anyone my aim seems to bounce off people i dont no if its this xbox x console but im miles behind gameplay i feel like the game is broken my console as it keeps shutting down etc i have good buffer bloat settings etc i have a not bad tv for gaming in a samsung qled but im thinking somethings not right as my gameplay is awfull anyone with same symptons and any help would be greatly apreciated cheers
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