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  1. Thanks Fraser. I guess I’ll just buy an R1 and hook it it up to my Xfinity gateway. I was thinking that I could run only my PS4 and MacBook on the R1 and keep all other devices on the gateway, or is this a bad idea?
  2. Reason #1,746 that MW is one of the worst COD’s ever is that it takes a degree in physics to understand how to equip a weapon. Seriously, how is that fun???
  3. Torderro did you buy one? I am here for the same reason pretty much (tired of shoot-first-die-first). I am in Sacramento and have super-fast speed through Xfinity but am using thier newest gateway so am wondering if Netduma is the move for me. It seems long gone are the days where you could just plug in and have fun playing COD lol
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